7 Realms of Legendary

My Legendary Saga series is many things: it's a universe of romance, action, adventure and magical fantasy; and usually, when all those things come together, we generally get something pretty cool out of it. One of my favorite things about Legendary (outside of the amazingly hot and tough knights) is the world building that has gone into creating Legendary.
"Hidden in the mountains of Avalon King Arthur awaits the Destined One to call him back to life. Ancient evils have returned threatening the peace of the seven realms."
Seven realms... Humm....... 
Needless to say, it should be pretty obvious, from that last line, what I'm getting at. Ever since I can remember I've always dreamt of crazy-amazing magical worlds filled with creatures I had heard about in bed time stories, fairy tales and Disney movies. Heck I even dreamt up a few of my own creatures; so getting to put some of those fantasies and creations down on paper, for all my readers bring to life, is fantastic!

I want to tell you more about the seven realms of my 'Legendary Universe' so sit back and get comfy. (And for those more visual learning people I am including links to all my Pinterest boards dedicated to each individual realm.)

Mortal Realm~ this is our home, the realm we normal people call home. It is also the base realm without which the other realms couldn't survive. Because of that, gates to all the different realms are spread out across the world. But to find them you have to know how to track them and how to tell which gate leads to which realm.

Avalon~ Oberon is the King of Avalon and rules over all the different creatures that make their home in his lands. King Oberon is also married to Titania, Queen of the Fae and ruler of the Isle of the Blessed. Many treasures can be found in Avalonprecious minerals, powerful healing herbs and creatures of such magic many have dared the wrath of Oberon to obtain them.

Isle of the Blessed~ many stories and cultures would consider the Isle another name for Valhalla or the Elision Fields, and in a way they are right. This realm is home to Titania, Queen of the Fae and wife to King Oberon of Avalon. Yes, the different races of Fae make their home on the Isle, but it is also a refuge for things, places long forgotten and people with pure souls and heroes who have died. It also has a strong core of magic which makes it ideal for creatures and beings that cannot find a home else where, but need magic to survive and thrive. Though the realm is paradise for many, heavens help those foolish enough to try to challenge the Queen.

Tir Na Nog~ this realm is a land of pure magic. Those who have not been touched by magic cannot survive for more than a few minutes after setting foot on the enchanted soil. Because of its great power many magical creatures make their homes there. The dragons being the strongest and most prevalent. They are widely considered the rulers of Tir Na Nog, each clan controlling a part of the lands. But Dragons can also be found in all the different realms, so long as there is magic for them to survive on.

Olympus~ no, this realm is not home to immortal gods and demi gods. In the Legendary Universe those people were never gods. They were beings of great magic and skills who knew the secrets of tapping into and becoming one with different sources of magic and the many different elemental powers. In ancient times people worshiped these beings as gods, and those beings were vain enough to take full advantage of the normals ignorance. They zealously guarded the secrets to their powers. Those brave enough -or foolish enough- to try to gain that same power always paid a high price.  After the fall of the mighty kingdom, Olympus is now home to training arenas and schools for the children of the original beings and any who show the potential for tapping into that same great magic.

Atlantis~ Atlantis is not a city that sank beneath the sea back in ancient times. It is a realm that can only be accessed through portals found in magical waters or the hidden corners of the oceans. Like Tir Na Nog, there is no one ruling power. Atlantis is broken up into wild lands filled with many different tribes that worship the land and sacred animals that share the realm with them. Of all the realms, Atlantis is the most closed off from the others and by default the hardest to enter. To control a gate of Atlantis takes great power and training, unless a person is fortunate enough to have a connection, no matter how small, to that realm.

UnderWorld~ as many of you have probably guessed, this realm is rule over by the Underlord and is home to the darkest powers, deadliest creatures and all those who have died and been denied entrance to the Isle of the Blessed. The Underlord is a solitary, sentient being who watches all that happens in the realms but never interferes. Why would he need to? No being, magical or other wise could ever hope to steal the power of the dead, much less maintain absolute authority over all that reside there.

As promised here are the links to my Pinterest boards for each of the Realms let me know what you think of them by liking them or leaving comments.
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