Saturday, February 24, 2018

2018 Book signings

It's only a weekend away but for my people in Boston, I'll be there next week! You can come see me, say hi, bring your books to get signed, or buy books there and get them signed. This is my first signing of 2018, and  I'm ssooooooo ready to go! I have wanted to visit Boston for years, and I'm thrilled I have such a wonderful reason to go.
 Below is the link to the event page, and here's the link to buy tickets HERE, which are still available! 
 My Pre-Order form is still open for a few more days. Bonus of pre-ordering: discounted pricing, special swag bag & an automatic raffle entry to win a pair of Rose Gold Minnie Ears I'll have with me. It's my last pair to give away, for now, so this one's gotta count ;P

But, Boston is not my only signing this year. I have 2 confirmed, and a few more I'm working on finalizing.

I'll be joining an amazing lineup of authors in THAT state up north (Buckeye joke ;P) for a full weekend of fun including a Gods & Goddess toga party, great panels, parties and of course, the big signing!
 I'll be attending as my favorite Goddess, Artemis (who coincidentally is a major character in my coming series) and I'll be on the "What I Wish I Had Known" panel on day one! It's going to be an amazing time so I hope to see many of you at one, or both of the events!

 <3 Always L.H. Nicole
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