Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello readers and fellow book lovers!!
I know it's been a while but first congratulations again to the winners from the Fall YASH giveaway!
Next I've got some wonderful news! Just in time for Christmas A KING WILL RISE will be released out into the world. Look for the pre-order soon! I am both thrilled and sad to see this chapter of the LEGENDARY SAGA come to an end, but I am also thrilled for all the goodness still to come.
As we all know I love music, it's a MUST have for me when in my book worlds. I have playlists for each book and it should be no surprise that I have one fore AKWR too!
A list that is now live to all! Spotify is my godsend and the home for ALL my playlists, even for books I've yet to publish ;P
So here it is: A KING WILL RISE official play list!

 Yes, Centuries form Fall Out Boy is on every list because if I had to pick only one song that I felt proper represented my whole series that is it! Not to mention I'm a crazy Fall Out Boy fan! I've loved their music since they first debuted.
Incase you want to listed to this playlist, and my others on your phone, get the free spotify app and fine me here:
You can also go to my main site and under the Legendary Saga tab at the top go to Legendary Extras and find all my play lists!
And if you pop over there you'll also notice A LOT of new fun extras, including the first teasers of A KING WILL RISE! Don't miss them  :)

Side note, has anyone seen Moana yet? SO SO SO SO GOOD! You have to see it =^_^=
<3 always L.H.