Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Monday--Destine One please save me!

It's scientifically proven that Mondays tend to suck. I always have to find a little something extra on my Monday's to get me through it so I thought I'd lend you all a hand too, if you need it. (If you're one of those people that loves Monday's: Bless You, you unicorn creature you, because I hate them!)
Time for another Arthur teaser AND a giveaway for 2, yes 2, ARC print copies of A KING WILL RISE, PLUS I've got the release of the official artwork of A KING WILL RISE!
The giveaway is at the bottom of the post so scroll down to enter!

My Dragon senses are spiking out of control. I’ve never felt its call this strongly before. Not even in Camelot. I wish Mother were here to guide me. Even Delphina has been of little aid.  I wonder if it’s reacting to something I have yet to realize. The only thing harder than controlling my Dragon is governing my desires for Aliana. They grow stronger and stronger, almost unnaturally so. But my own struggles aren’t what is important right now. Activating the map, finding and retrieving the Grail, freeing my loyal knights, and finally ending Mordrid is. ~Arthur
A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
Now for all the lovely new art! And, if your itching to see the past Legendary Saga art you can go to the Legendary Saga Art page on my main site to see every piece of visual pleasure that has been put together for my series :)

Enjoy until next time! And I hope you all survive Monday!
<3 always LH

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