Friday, December 16, 2016

Another new one

I'm back again with another new teaser from A KING WILL RISE and this is a good one :D
The full teaser is on my main site, see the link below for this and the other new teaser I've launched for this week :)
Don't you just ache to know which one is saying this?

 Head over to my main site and the A KING WILL RISE teaser page to read the scene that goes with this pic and more!

The war is about to begin. Whose colors will you fly as a King rises?
Aliana, Dagg, and the New Round Table are so close. The alignment is only weeks away. All they need is to find the Grail of Power and unite the seven realms, but Mordrid is drawing ever closer and victory is far from assured.
All the bonds, questions, and betrayals will come to a head as the new Knights of the Round Table prepare for the final battle. To win, Aliana will have to do what hasn't been done in over three millennia: claim the power of the alignment and use it to either save the realms or raze them to the ground.
Join Aliana, and her family and allies, for the final installment of their Legendary quest.

A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
<3 always LH