Friday, December 9, 2016

A King Will Rise with Vira and Puck

It's time for another teaser featuring one of my favorite characters: Vira! If you've read RELICS OF CAMELOT then you'll know that she and Puck have a very special relationship ;P
It's one that's fascinated me since I first met Vira and she started to tell me her side of this Legendary Saga. That said, I thought I'd share a rather special teaser with you all, to highlight more of this budding relationship.

     “Hey, slow down, tiger.” Aliana placed her hand over his before he could turn the knob. “I don’t want another broken door knob on our hands.” She hoped that joking with him about the first time he realized he had more than average strength would help calm him down. “You can’t just go chasing after her. Let’s find out what she’s up to first. For all we know, she’s going to find the Pixies.”
     The five Pixie sisters had made small homes for themselves in the forests because that was where Flora, Sabine, Grier, Estrelle, and Stella were most comfortable.
     “Fine,” Galahad said, opening the door and scooping Aliana up in his arms. Before she could protest, Galahad burst from the house chasing after his sister that
had already disappeared into the trees. He stopped a few seconds later, gently setting Aliana back on her feet.
     Galahad silenced her with his hand over her mouth. He pointed towards where Sophvira, dressed in jeans and a sweater, stood looking around at the trees. They were right on the edge of her property, at the edge of the barrier that protected everyone there.
     Aliana tapped Galahad’s hand. It slid away taking the pleasant tickle of the silver sparks with it. 
     He hovered over her as they moved closer, hiding behind a wide, twisting tree trunk. It felt wrong to be spying on Vira, but there was more going on with the girl than she was letting anyone know.
     “Puck?” Vira called out. She sounded excited and hopeful and so happy.
     Aliana’s eyes widened as she looked up at the white knight in surprise. He shrugged. Puck was supposed to be trapped in Oberon’s dungeons. Despite being bare chested, Galahad pulled out the dagger that she had given him months ago. A blade she had enchanted to work just for him. Not wanting to give their location away Aliana grabbed some of the power of the earth element and built a shield to keep anyone or anything from realizing they were there.
     A shadow moved on her left as little sparkles of light lit the area around Puck. “You were able to get away,” he said.
     Vira’s blue eyes glowed with the orange yellow light of the dozens of fireflies that lit up the night.
     The trickster looked no worse for wear. His somewhat gangly body was dressed in black pants with tall brown boots and a simple royal purple tunic with a wide leather belt. His shocking white blonde hair almost glowed in the magic light that accented his orange skin and silver eyes. But he also looked odd, almost exhausted.
      Vira nodded, her dark brown hair falling around her shoulders. “It wasn’t easy. I think big brother would have caught me sneaking out if he hadn’t been so distracted catching Aliana coming back in the house.” 

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