Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Closer and Closer

We are getting closer and closer to the A KING WILL RISE release on December 27th!
A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
As I've been doing I have another teaser for you to devour and enjoy, and this one is from a character that's not been explored as much as others. Viviane for me was part Maleficent, Part Ursula and Part Queen Beryl (yes from Sailor Moon). She also represented the darker side of Morgana that is normally portrayed. It's your hot second Viviane, get to it!

Don't forget to enter the A KING WILL RISE Christmas special giveaway for your chance to win one of 2 ARC print copies of A KING WILL RISE! There are only 5 of them in the world and you could have 1 of them! It's so easy to enter and enjoy :)

Head over to my main site and the A KING WILL RISE teaser page to read the scene that goes with this pic and more!

Enjoy and don't forget to pre-order your copy and share the news with other book lovers like us!
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Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Monday--Destine One please save me!

It's scientifically proven that Mondays tend to suck. I always have to find a little something extra on my Monday's to get me through it so I thought I'd lend you all a hand too, if you need it. (If you're one of those people that loves Monday's: Bless You, you unicorn creature you, because I hate them!)
Time for another Arthur teaser AND a giveaway for 2, yes 2, ARC print copies of A KING WILL RISE, PLUS I've got the release of the official artwork of A KING WILL RISE!
The giveaway is at the bottom of the post so scroll down to enter!

My Dragon senses are spiking out of control. I’ve never felt its call this strongly before. Not even in Camelot. I wish Mother were here to guide me. Even Delphina has been of little aid.  I wonder if it’s reacting to something I have yet to realize. The only thing harder than controlling my Dragon is governing my desires for Aliana. They grow stronger and stronger, almost unnaturally so. But my own struggles aren’t what is important right now. Activating the map, finding and retrieving the Grail, freeing my loyal knights, and finally ending Mordrid is. ~Arthur
A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
Now for all the lovely new art! And, if your itching to see the past Legendary Saga art you can go to the Legendary Saga Art page on my main site to see every piece of visual pleasure that has been put together for my series :)

Enjoy until next time! And I hope you all survive Monday!
<3 always LH

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Another new one

I'm back again with another new teaser from A KING WILL RISE and this is a good one :D
The full teaser is on my main site, see the link below for this and the other new teaser I've launched for this week :)
Don't you just ache to know which one is saying this?

 Head over to my main site and the A KING WILL RISE teaser page to read the scene that goes with this pic and more!

The war is about to begin. Whose colors will you fly as a King rises?
Aliana, Dagg, and the New Round Table are so close. The alignment is only weeks away. All they need is to find the Grail of Power and unite the seven realms, but Mordrid is drawing ever closer and victory is far from assured.
All the bonds, questions, and betrayals will come to a head as the new Knights of the Round Table prepare for the final battle. To win, Aliana will have to do what hasn't been done in over three millennia: claim the power of the alignment and use it to either save the realms or raze them to the ground.
Join Aliana, and her family and allies, for the final installment of their Legendary quest.

A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
<3 always LH

Friday, December 9, 2016

A King Will Rise with Vira and Puck

It's time for another teaser featuring one of my favorite characters: Vira! If you've read RELICS OF CAMELOT then you'll know that she and Puck have a very special relationship ;P
It's one that's fascinated me since I first met Vira and she started to tell me her side of this Legendary Saga. That said, I thought I'd share a rather special teaser with you all, to highlight more of this budding relationship.

     “Hey, slow down, tiger.” Aliana placed her hand over his before he could turn the knob. “I don’t want another broken door knob on our hands.” She hoped that joking with him about the first time he realized he had more than average strength would help calm him down. “You can’t just go chasing after her. Let’s find out what she’s up to first. For all we know, she’s going to find the Pixies.”
     The five Pixie sisters had made small homes for themselves in the forests because that was where Flora, Sabine, Grier, Estrelle, and Stella were most comfortable.
     “Fine,” Galahad said, opening the door and scooping Aliana up in his arms. Before she could protest, Galahad burst from the house chasing after his sister that
had already disappeared into the trees. He stopped a few seconds later, gently setting Aliana back on her feet.
     Galahad silenced her with his hand over her mouth. He pointed towards where Sophvira, dressed in jeans and a sweater, stood looking around at the trees. They were right on the edge of her property, at the edge of the barrier that protected everyone there.
     Aliana tapped Galahad’s hand. It slid away taking the pleasant tickle of the silver sparks with it. 
     He hovered over her as they moved closer, hiding behind a wide, twisting tree trunk. It felt wrong to be spying on Vira, but there was more going on with the girl than she was letting anyone know.
     “Puck?” Vira called out. She sounded excited and hopeful and so happy.
     Aliana’s eyes widened as she looked up at the white knight in surprise. He shrugged. Puck was supposed to be trapped in Oberon’s dungeons. Despite being bare chested, Galahad pulled out the dagger that she had given him months ago. A blade she had enchanted to work just for him. Not wanting to give their location away Aliana grabbed some of the power of the earth element and built a shield to keep anyone or anything from realizing they were there.
     A shadow moved on her left as little sparkles of light lit the area around Puck. “You were able to get away,” he said.
     Vira’s blue eyes glowed with the orange yellow light of the dozens of fireflies that lit up the night.
     The trickster looked no worse for wear. His somewhat gangly body was dressed in black pants with tall brown boots and a simple royal purple tunic with a wide leather belt. His shocking white blonde hair almost glowed in the magic light that accented his orange skin and silver eyes. But he also looked odd, almost exhausted.
      Vira nodded, her dark brown hair falling around her shoulders. “It wasn’t easy. I think big brother would have caught me sneaking out if he hadn’t been so distracted catching Aliana coming back in the house.” 

And there you have it! Head over to my main site and the A KING WILL RISE teaser page to read more!
Don't forget A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order across all platforms!
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Teasers and Treats #WednesdayWow

Hey there everyone!!
I realize I have been quite absent these last months, and I do apologize for that. It was more then moving across country and starting a new and much more intense job. I also have broken with my publisher...........I know..........What the What?!?!?!!? Right?

--Can you tell I'm in a bit of a Moana mood right now? LOL. I mean who didn't like this movie? I'm still singing the songs a week later :D--
Considering that I am no longer with my former publisher I had a tough decision to make, but ultimately I felt that I was up to the task of self publishing A KING WILL RISE.
Don't get the freak on yet.......I have been SSOOOO blessed and humbled that my former editors were able to work with me freelance to make sure my book is as shiny and wonderful as the others. Believe me when I say it was a rough process, but I truly feel A KING WILL RISE will not let you down.
I was also blessed that a good friend, and fellow author, Rebekah Ganiere was able to create my beautiful and stunning cover! I couldn't be more amazed and thrilled by the great work she put in to it.

Not that I really need to show my cover off again.......but yeah I kind of do!

I am also please to announce A KING WILL RISE is available for pre-order as of today! This final jewel will be delivered by Dagg and the Pixies on December 27th to all digital devices! Paperbacks will follow only days later :) It's across all platforms and here are the links:

Share the wonderful news and celebrate by buying your copy now AND getting a look at a new teaser for A KING WILL RISE as apart of a new # I'm trying out #WednesdayWow
Click the image to head over to my main site for the teaser! And if the link doesn't work, just click here

I hope you enjoy this goodness and I can't wait for DEC 27th!
<3 always LH

Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello readers and fellow book lovers!!
I know it's been a while but first congratulations again to the winners from the Fall YASH giveaway!
Next I've got some wonderful news! Just in time for Christmas A KING WILL RISE will be released out into the world. Look for the pre-order soon! I am both thrilled and sad to see this chapter of the LEGENDARY SAGA come to an end, but I am also thrilled for all the goodness still to come.
As we all know I love music, it's a MUST have for me when in my book worlds. I have playlists for each book and it should be no surprise that I have one fore AKWR too!
A list that is now live to all! Spotify is my godsend and the home for ALL my playlists, even for books I've yet to publish ;P
So here it is: A KING WILL RISE official play list!

 Yes, Centuries form Fall Out Boy is on every list because if I had to pick only one song that I felt proper represented my whole series that is it! Not to mention I'm a crazy Fall Out Boy fan! I've loved their music since they first debuted.
Incase you want to listed to this playlist, and my others on your phone, get the free spotify app and fine me here:
You can also go to my main site and under the Legendary Saga tab at the top go to Legendary Extras and find all my play lists!
And if you pop over there you'll also notice A LOT of new fun extras, including the first teasers of A KING WILL RISE! Don't miss them  :)

Side note, has anyone seen Moana yet? SO SO SO SO GOOD! You have to see it =^_^=
<3 always L.H.