Thursday, January 28, 2016

Suicide Squad

We've all heard a million and a half things about it and goodness knows that many have thrown out all their thoughts and feelings about it. Me personally, I've always been beyond crazy excited for this one!

We all know I'm a proud geek and I can't even begin to say how happy I am that the DC comic universe is finally starting to get it's life! I've always preferred the DC characters to Marvel, honestly I didn't really even start to care about Marvel until the first THOR and I saw the drool worthy Chris Hemsworth as the Viking God of Thunder. Then Chris Evans got thrown in as Captain America and.....well I was hooked, mostly to see incredibly hot men in very scintillating tight uniforms.

 But I digress.

Now, clearly Warner Brothers isn't quite the marketing warmonger Disney/Marvel is, but you gotta give them credit. When Suicide Squad, and it's cast, were first announced it got a ton of hate. Yet's one of the biggest anticipated releases of the year. Anyone who can sway public opinion like that has some serious chops. Then add amazing cool posters like the ones floating around here and I'm even more excited.

I think what appeals to me most about this--outside the fact that Katana and Harley Quinn are two of my all-time fav bad girls--is that this movie is about the villains. Seeing Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wolverine, Captain America and all the rest of those guys is all great, but Villains just always have a little more character and charisma to them. I mean look at Heath Ledger's Joker!!!! I don't know how anyone will ever top his performance, but I think Jared Leto will do the roll justice. Or maybe I should say bad justice :)

Clearly I don't have all the posters here, as there is quite the assembled cast of villains for this movie, but the ones here are the ones I'm most excited for.

Funny thing is, as far as I can see the only superhero that's going to be making an appearance here is Ben Affleck's Batman. I'm thinking, since one of the most exciting plots of the movie is Harley's origin story, that that's where the Dark Knight will come in. Same with Joker. Oh man... I am so crazy excited for this!!

I popped over to Wikipedia to drop in a quick little bio on all out bad guys for this movie for those who are still trying to learn more.

    Will Smith as Deadshot: An expert marksman and assassin. Smith stated that Deadshot and Harley Quinn are "allies" in the film, but that they do not know what is happening with the other characters.

    Jared Leto as Joker: A psychopathic supervillain. Leto described his role as "nearly Shakespearean" and a "beautiful disaster of a character" about portraying the villain, he stated "I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn't imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing these psychological games. But as the same time it was very painful."

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn: A crazed supervillain and former psychiatrist. Producer Richard Suckle described the character as "a fan fav. Funny, crazy, scary... You can't come up with enough adjectives to describe all the different things you see her do."

    Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag: A military officer. Tom Hardy was previously cast in the role but was forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

    Jai Courtney as Boomerang: An assassin who utilizes deadly boomerangs. About his role, Courtney stated, "he is an absolute bogan, in the purest sense. [David Ayer]'s first instruction was, 'find your inner shitbag'."

    Jay Hernandez as El Diablo: A former Los Angeles gang member who can summon flames. Hernandez sets his character apart from his teammates as he "just wants to stay out of the fight", while "most of [the Squad members] are happy to get out there and kill people".

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc: A supervillain who suffers from a skin condition that causes him to develop reptilian features.Akinnuoye-Agbaje described the character as "a cannibal with rage issues".

At this point there's only one thing left that seems a mystery to me. Scott Eastwood. He announced back in March of 15 that he was cast in the movie, but nowhere does it saw what his role is. Not even a hint. There's speculation sure, but I'm dying to know what role he'll take on here. And Scott's not the only actor listed as a top billed star to not have a character assigned to his name on IMDB. There are three other start, all in the top line of casting who don't have a character what on earth could that mean? I mean seriously and I the only one curious about what DC may have up there sleeve here? Or maybe I'm just getting myself way too excited and seeing possible movie epicness because I’m so excited to see Suicide Squad.

I fear I shall have to wait until August to get my answers, unless someone lets a major spoiler slip between now and then. Once can only hope, right? Don't forget to mark your calendars. August 5th, SUICIDE SQUAD!!!
<3 always LH