Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dating a Modern Day Prince Charming

Okay, I wasn't going to do another post today, but I saw this article as I was scrolling through FB and I just had to share a few thoughts. **See disclaimer at bottom of post**
What little girl didn't dream of one day capturing her own Prince Charming? I know I still do, and as a YA romance writer I can guarantee all my heroes are going to be a "Prince Charming" in some kind of way, whether it's Sir Galahad, King Arthur, Wade, Percy or even one of my other heroes from my books that aren't out yet......I can go on. But enough from me, on to the article:

19 Ways Dating Prince Charming Would Be Totally Different In 2016

by  Talia Koren on Elite Daily and Love Is A Mother F*cker (with my comments thrown in)

Once upon a time, Prince Charming was stoic and classically handsome. He might have worn a cape, because let’s be real, Prince Charming was almost a superhero. His one power: wooing the ladies.
So, maybe it’s not the norm anymore for dudes to be living in castles. Instead of attending social events like fancy balls, we go to bars.
Today’s average Joe won’t run around the city to find the hookup who left her right shoe at his place.
Even though we don’t live in a world where fairy godmothers actually exist, that doesn’t mean there’s no real Prince Charming. He could be the guy who picked your glove out of a slush pile or held your hair as you puked in the unisex bathroom of a bar.
If you come across 2016’s Prince Charming, you’ll know.

1. He’d be on Tinder, but his brief profile is equal parts funny and mysterious. It includes his current job (pretty impressive, but he’s not braggy about it) and a couple of his niche interests. He’d make a joke about being a sucker for something semi-embarrassing, like astrology.  I've never been on Tinder but someone like this would catch my eye.

2. In photos, he’s posing with his puppy and doing something outdoorsy. It’s not an LL Bean catalog, it’s his life.  Or he could have a pic at a sporting even or **cough**comic con type place (yes, I'm a nerd)

3. There are no gym or mirror selfies to be found. Not a single damn one. Preach sister!

4. The modern day Prince always texts you back within the first 20 minutes of receiving one from you. He’s okay with phone calls, too. A total must

5. Most importantly, his “read” receipts aren’t on. Whew.  'nuf said

6. This Prince holds witty conversation, showing you he’s interested without seeming too thirsty. To quote Sherlock "Brainy's the new sexy" A man who can hold his own in a conversation of wits and voice his opinion without being a jerk is a huge thing!

7. He adds you on Facebook and Instagram first, freeing you from that anxiety-ridden wait. OK!

8. He’ll always like your profile pics and Instagram posts as they appear, but he’s not going to double-tap your tweet from 2011. He’s supportive, not creepy.  Hummmmmm

9. This Prince takes selfies like a pro and might even post a couple of you, too. He remembers your good side. how charming ;P

10. Modern Prince Charming remembers you mentioning your love of lavender. For no damn reason, he picks you up a lavender-scented body lotion.  Can we say brownie points :)

11. Instead of ordering showy flowers to your desk at work, he sends his Seamless login so you can order yourself lunch on him. Talk about making co-workers jealous.

12. If you got stranded in the rain with only 15 percent battery on your cell, he’d probably treat you to an Uber ride. We all have those awkward damsel-in-distress moments.  My hero......

13. When it comes to sex, modern day Prince Charming makes sure you orgasm before he does. He communicates, asking if what he’s doing feels good.  I think this may be the biggest ask of all. But you can't sound creepy when you do it. This isn't "Trainwreck" people **shivers in dread**

14. He doesn’t complain about “The Bachelor,” and even shares his HBO GO password without being weird about it.  Love a man who is not afraid to have a TV addiction

15. He could probably make choosing a movie to watch on Netflix the most magical moment ever, especially because he has no shame. His favorite flicks are some of your guilty pleasures. So many ways to go with this one....I can't choose

16. He’s up for anything, even if the new restaurant you pick is out of the way and has strangely mixed Yelp reviews.  And he offers to buy. I'm fully aware women can pay, and I support that, but I also think there are times where you value yourself enough to not feel downgraded because the guy is paying.

17. On girls’ night, he surprise Venmos you enough cash for a drink on him.  Yes please.

18. He’s well aware the biggest turn on is letting you do your thing. Prince Charming isn’t possessive, because he knows you’re coming home with him. Princes are suave as f*ck, by nature.  There is something to be said for a little possessiveness. Just not the "me Tarzan you Jane" type.

19. Imagine what Cinderella, Rapunzel and the rest could have achieved with a modern day Prince on their arms. A girl can dream, right?  Forget celebutante power couples. Real people couples......The possibilities are endless!

 So maybe a few of these are a little...meh. But I gotta say a modern day Prince Charming is a total game changer from old school Prince Charming. Me personally, I'd favor a blend of both, leaning slightly more towards the old school side, but only a tad. This is why I love writing YA heroes, and I'll admit it now, most of my heroes are going to fall somewhere in this range. :)

<3 LH

Disclaimer--this article was published on Elite Daily's website and written by Talia Koren. I am reposting what she wrote and linking back to the source article..--Now what comes after the list is all me.