Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Relics of Camelot Sneak Preview

I've been gone quite a while but I have a way to make up for it :)
For those of you who have read the first book of my series LEGENDARY you may remember a few lines about Aliana learning she needed to make her own maps a she went traveling after an unfortunate incident in China. Remember? If not here's the part:

Pausing to check her GPS, Aliana pulled out a small notebook and marked her spot on the map she’d made. After an unfortunate incident in the mountains of China not long ago, she’d become paranoid about getting lost when traveling by herself. Fortunately, she wasn’t likely to run across anything more dangerous than a snake in these woods.
“Then again, considering how much I hate snakes, that could still be pretty bad.” 

And now that you memory has been refreshed I'll get to the point. For those who asked and wondered, you'll finally get the story behind that little adventure. And to help that along, here's a nice teaser from that part of RELICS OF CAMELOT!

“Do you remember when you were in the mountains of China a few years ago?”
Boy did she! It was the first trip abroad she had taken after her parents died, well before she discovered that she was adopted. “I was there for one of Wade’s tournaments, and I went to visit a monastery in the Wudang Mountains.”
“Yes, and you decided to go wandering off just before sunset, on your own, with no map or guide.” Aliana earned his disapproving frown. “You nearly scared the life out of me when you fell down that hill, and hurt your leg like you did.”
Aliana flinched, both from the reprimand and the phantom pain of the long gash that had been torn on her calf making it hard to put weight on. “Yeah. I admit it wasn’t my smartest move.”
He sighed. “Do you remember what happened next?”
Aliana shivered. She wouldn’t soon forget. “That king cobra came along. I was so scared.”
“I know.” He stroked her hair again.
“But a tiger saved me. It came along and somehow scared away the snake.” She looked at the tiger on his silk tunic. “That was you!” 

I will tell you this has been edited slightly to keep from giving away a major spoiler. I'll be interested to see if you can figure it out before the book releases this winter :D
Also RELICS OF CAMELOT is up on Goodreads, go over and add it to your TBR list if you're as excited as I am for it to come out.

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<3 always LH