Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Teaser for Relics of Camelot!

It's been a while since I've put up a Relics of Camelot teaser so here's a fun one. But I got one question for you first? Have you ever wondered, while reading my series, what my Guinevere would be like?
Now it's your turn to find out!

“Welcome back m’lord.” His smile was easy, excited and very friendly. His dark brown eyes flicked to Aliana and he just stared.
Fighting an uncomfortable blush and the desire to shy away, she bit her cheek but offered the boy a smile. Take a picture kid, it’ll last longer.
“Are you going to stare or help the Lady Aliana down, boy?” Gawain shot him an exasperated look. “You’ve seen beautiful ladies before.”
The kid flushed brightly, ducking his head, apologizing in a soft stuttering voice as he set down a stool another boy had brought over. The guys started laughing loudly and Aliana glowered at them.
“Leave him alone, boys.”
The kid flashed her an embarrassed but grateful smile. Leaning into Merlin, Aliana lifted her leg over the horse, the boys hand was at her waist steadying her as he took her hand and helped her down.
“Thank you,” she said while Merlin and the guys dismounted. “I’m Aliana, what’s your name?”
He never got to answer.
“Raven is one of our newest stable hands.” Merlin looked like he was going to say more but another familiar voice drew his attention.
“You’ve finally returned.” Lancelot’s voice was the same as it was in Aliana’s time, accented with just a touch of superiority. But the most surprising thing was the red haired woman at his side, her arm tucked into Lancelot’s. Her skin was pale with a light dusting of freckles and rich brown eyes.
“Lancelot, Guinevere!” Percival greeted the pair with a hard pat on Lancelot’s arm and a kiss dropped on Guinevere’s cheek.
“Look who we finally tracked down,” Gawain teased taking Lancelot’s arm in a warrior’s greeting then kissed Guinevere’s other cheek.
“And I see he didn’t come alone.” Lancelot regarded her with an open and frank curiosity.
Clenching the loose pink fabric of her dress sleeve, Aliana took a breath trying to stow her building panic. As familiar as all these knights were, it was impossible to forget that these guys weren’t her knights. They didn’t know her from Eve, and it was going to take more the Merlin’s vouching for her to get them to accept her.
But then maybe it would be better if they didn’t really get to know her. It had been hard enough to not slip up with their names so far, what would happen if she slipped and gave herself away. She couldn’t risk doing damage to the world’s timeline. Though with her luck, that’s exactly what would happen.
Merlin introduced her to Lancelot and Guinevere, telling the same effortless lie that he had to Percival and Gawain. He told them about wanting to introduce her to Arthur and get her settled into a room in the castle.
“Welcome to Camelot, Lady Aliana,” Guinevere said coming to her side. “It will be so nice to have another girl around here. These men can get a bit boring at times,” she added in a fake whisper, her brown eyes twinkling laughter as she shot a glance at her knight.

Aliana giggled, it seemed like she and Guinevere would get along very well. Her delight faltered at the thought, however, since Guinevere was supposed to die.

So what do we think of the new teaser? I hope everyone liked it! We are getting closer and closer to the release of Relics, and I hope to have the official release date and cover to reveal to you all soon :)
In the mean time I am going to be doing more extras from Legendary and Claiming Excalibur!
If anyone has a thought of what they want to see next let me know! I also have one more little goodie for today, another image for the second Relics Bookmark and this one's Galahad's!
Yes, that is an iris bloom on Sir Galahad's bookmark! Wanna know why? You're gonna have to read to find out :)

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