Monday, August 24, 2015

Relics of Camelot Teaser #2 & contest winners

Hello everyone! It's a wonderful day today, and to make it better I've got the next teaser for RELICS OF CAMELOT.
(I also got some really good news last night, but that will be for another announcement, once it's confirmed ;P)
I've decided to go with another of my favorite parts from Relics, one that finally takes us to the Underworld! I can't say how much I loved the Underworld, and I think, when you get to read those chapters, you will to! So many great characters discovered.
Time for me to stop yammering and get to it!

Aliana jumped back as a woman’s head appeared to go with the eyes. Her body soon followed, like the Cheshire Cat’s from Alice in Wonderland. She turned into a beautiful Sphinx with long tapered paws and a muscular but feminine body. She wore jade green chest armor to match the dark Greek style helmet on her head.
“You’re beautiful,” Aliana let slip before she could stop herself.
The legendary creature grinned. “Flattery will not return your friend to you, Destined One.” Her mirth didn’t seem friendly. It felt like she was sizing Aliana up, like a great predator looking for a weakness to exploit.
Aliana crossed her arms. “How do you know who I am?”
Her lion/human shoulders shrugged in a fluid, unreal like motion, the first move she had made since appearing, a smug tilt to her mouth and wide white eyes. “I know much. My master has talked often of you.”
“Your master?” Aliana shifted to place herself between Dagg’s cage and the creature. If she noticed, she made no mention of it. The Sphinx just shifted her head in that same eerie fluid motion.
Shivers ran down Aliana’s spine like a snake slithering down her back. “I want my friend back, now.”
The Sphinx woman remained unmoving like a still lake. “But you did not come for your Guardian.”
Aliana gnashed her teeth. “Yes, but my friend came with me. You had no right to take him.”
Her lips pulled back in a wicked smile revealing pearly white canine teeth. “I did not take him from you. You are in the Underworld, realm of the great Underlord. Everything and everyone here bows to his will.”
“I still want Dagg back, and the magic relic I came for. I need to get home and I can’t do that without either of them.”

Her head shook from side to side, like rippling water and earth. “It is only within my power to grant you one or the other. Choose wisely, Destined One.”

What did we think?
When I first started imagining the Underworld Sphinx's were the first thing that came to my mind. (Out side of a three headed dog, of course.) I knew right away there had to be a Sphinx. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you want to see next!

On to other business, time to announce my contest winners from last week!

CONGRATULATIONS to Laura Thomas and Shelly Hammond!
Laura has won the signed set of Princess Diaries books
Shelly has won the digital copies of my books!
I need both ladies to contact me through the post or social media and I will get the information to send them their prizes!!!

That's it from me, wonderful people! Don't forget to hit up the Relics Teaser page on my main website for more extras and quotes!
<3 always LH

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