Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Little Extras

I posted the first RELICS OF CAMELOT teaser yesterday; and while adding it to my main website, I decided to do something else too! Something that you'll only see on
Each week, until Relics releases, I will be dropping in a few extra lines and quotes from some of my favorite characters! To find them click the link above and then choose the Relics of Camelot teasers drop down tab!

I also wanted to put out there that there COULD be a love letter from Galahad to Aliana coming up real soon..........but to see this one you've got to be a subscriber to my news letter! You can sign up here on the blog, just look at the side bar on your right or you can do it through my main page!
Who doesn't want to see our big bad white knight letting him mushy side show?!!? ;P

I am taking suggestions and "requests" so if there's some interaction you're itching to see or if you want to meet one of the many new characters leave me a note in the comments section below! I love hearing y'alls opinions :)
Okay, that's it for now, back down into the writers hole I go!
<3 always LH