Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's here! Relics of Camelot 1st teaser

I am so happy to finally be able to release the first teaser for RELICS OF CAMELOT!!!
It has been long promised and now that I have the okays---here we go!

Leaning in to get a closer look at a round piece of dull bronze, a book just a little ways down from it fell to the dirt ground with a thunk.
“Really?” she muttered as she bent down to pick it up, hoping it hadn’t been damaged.
“It would seem the fates desire ya ta’ see that.”
Aliana straightened, gripping the hardbound book tightly in her hands. An older woman was watching her from the doorway to the house the stall was attached to. She regarded her shrewdly, but then she smiled and ambled over.
Her magic senses flamed as a familiar feeling overcame her. This woman had Fae blood in her. Just like Lacy. “What do you mean?” Aliana asked, confused.
“Books don’t just jump out at any person getting’ too close. Destiny is tellin’ ya there be somethin’ ya need to see in that tome.”
“I don’t think—”
The woman waved her hand dismissively. “Mark my words m’lady,” the woman warned like an old crone from some witches story. “You be needin’ the wisdom in those pages sooner than ya think.”
Aliana gulped, looking down at the bound pages in her hand. The hard brown cover was plain, just like the spine. Running her fingers down the rough paper edges, a flash of brightness flared.
I think this woman may be right, Dagg whispered to her.

So? What do we think. The thing I love about RELICS OF CAMELOT is how different the characters and situations they face will be. At first I was hesitant about the whole idea, but then as I was writing everything flowed so well and just fit the story of Aliana, Arthur and the Knights!
I'm hoping this will get the ball rolling on the RELICS OF CAMELOT goodies, and to continue that hope I've got the first bookmark ready!

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There it all is!
<3 always LH