Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Romantic Time Convention Teen Edition

Hey everyone!!!! It's been way to long again, but it was for good reasons, I promise :) And to read my explanation as to why my digital absence was a good reason click here
If you hadn't guessed, this post is an update from my favorite book event all year, RT! There are so many great things about this convention, the biggest being that it's a con for readers and authors and book professionals. There are great parties, great industry panels, led by some of the best names in the publishing world, and endless opportunities to have fun.
I've met some amazing people over the last few years that I've attended and I'm already excited for the madd house that will be 2016 RT convention in Las Vegas! I know right.
I made so many more friends this year, most of whom I hope will be at next year's con so we can play some more hilarious games of Cards Against Humanity.........the tweets alone were cracking me up!
There are still more pictures to come, (And you can find plenty on my pinterest RT board) but I wanted to show off the things that were some of my fav RT Teen moments.
Keep in mind, a few of these pics are mine, others I have pulled from all sorts of social media people and places (love twitter and tumblr) I am officially saying I have no claim over any of these photos.

There are so many more great photos I want to share, so to see more go to Pinterest and check out my RT board!
There is a lot of great book news coming, even, possibly some secret information on book 3 of the Legendary Saga: RELICS OF CAMELOT and a secret project :)
Till then
<3 always LH