Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Years tradition

Hey guys!!! Happy New Year! 2014 was a pretty spectacular year for me, though it did have it's drama moments. But those moments are not what matter really. I took those experiences, learned from them and am moving on. Before I tell you about my own New Years Tradition let's recap my top 10 moments of 2014

  1. LEGENDARY release
  2. CLAIMING EXCALIBUR release (and high rankings ;P)
  3. My trip to Vienna, Austria with my Daddy
  4. A night out dancing with my friends from Vienna
  5. OSU winning the Big 10 championship
  6. Meeting great people at RT in NoLa--> Tamora Pierce! (one of my hero authors)
  7. Starting 2 new series and actually making progress
  8. Finishing and turning in book 3 of the Legendary Saga---RELICS OF CAMELOT
  9. Seeing all of my family during the holidays, including all my cousins!
  10. Learning so much about the writing industry and experiencing the good and the bad so I can learn from it all

All in all a very nice year! New Years has never really been a big holiday for me, even as a kid. (I really only cared because it got us out of school!) After a few years of making "resolutions" and most of them failing I kind of gave up on it.
But a few years ago, during my first New Years in VA/DC I started my own tradition. I remembered a friend from Disney telling me about something she and her husband did at their wedding (A family superstition) --they wrote down their greatest wishes for their marriage and then placed the folded pieces of paper on top of a burning candle and let it burn through out the whole reception.
The point of it, she told me, was a way of releasing your wish and desire into the universe so that it would come true.
Sounded pretty cool to me. So that next New Years I decided to do my own version of that same "wish ceremony"
 I have done it every year for the last six years. In my first few moments of the New Year I write down my wish and one "resolution". Though I always make it a non traditional type of resolution.
And then I light a candle and let the paper and candle burn until it goes out on its own.

And there you have it, my own non traditional New Years tradition. Like I said, 2014 was a great year, now I am hoping that 2015 will be an even better year. It's going to be a journey, one way or another, that's for sure. I hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. Of course, you can't have New Years without fireworks, and no one does it better than Disney!


<3 always LH
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