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Claiming Excalibur week part 1

Hiya! With the release of Claiming Excalibur drawing so close you've been seeing a lot of promo stuff for the book, I am trying to keep it as varied as I can, at least with my sites, so that you won't get bored with all the same things over and over again. Thus why I've got a very special EXTENDED scene clip that you won't find anywhere else!
I've said from the start that I hated the love triangle between Guinevere and Lancelot because it just never felt right to me and I always believed the Guinevere belonged with Lancelot. So I changed the legend in LEGENDARY and gave the knight and beautiful woman the happily-for-now I always wanted them to have...but you knew it couldn't last, and as we learned in book 1 of the saga, Lancelot lost the love of his life, but there's so much mystery surrounding that loss that ties in directly to why he abandoned Arthur in Avalon and brought down the wrath of the Fae Queen Titania on his immortal head.
It's been a point for Aliana to find out this secret, why the most honorable of Arthur's knights would abandon him after swearing a magic oath to protect him. And guess what, she finally gets her answer!
Here is the extended scene:

A soft noise drifting up from downstairs caught her attention. It sounded like someone was playing her mother’s piano. Curious about whom it could be, she turned and headed down the stairs. 
She stopped just outside her mother’s old music room and listened to the notes as they floated through the small space where the door was cracked open. Whoever was playing was very gifted. The more she listened to the beautiful song, the more she heard the underlying sadness to it. The music flowed around her, telling a story of heartbreaking love and aching loneliness. Tears pricked at her eyes. Aliana had to know who was so hurt, so she peeked through the opening. Her eyes landed on the profile of a raven-haired man with a lean build. He swayed as he played with his face turned away from her. He slowly turned forward. His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly tilted down, his face etched with sorrow and solitude. A single tear slid down his cheek as he started the song again. How could Lancelot be in so much pain without everyone here knowing?
His head snapped up, his pale green eyes burning with uncontrolled anger, rooting Aliana where she stood. “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” He shoved the piano bench back as he stood. 
“I…” Aliana stammered as he advanced on her. His body moved with the lethal grace of a jungle cat. He crossed the room in a flash, yanking the door open and roughly grabbing Aliana’s arm. He viciously yanked her into the room, nearly pulling her off her feet completely. 
“Why are you spying on me?” he demanded, still gripping her arm, pulling her so close she could practically feel the rage rolling off him. 
“I wasn’t… I was… I heard music,” Aliana tried to explain, but her words tied themselves on her tongue. 
“Answer me Destined One! What the bloody hell do you think gives you license to spy on me?” 
“I wasn’t spying on you!” she finally got out. “I was going up to bed and I heard the music. I didn’t know who would be in my mother’s music room so I checked it out.” She gulped down the dry lump in her throat. Lancelot had yet to relent on his crushing grip. Every word she said seemed to only fuel his ire. “I was surprised to see you. I didn’t mean to intrude!” 
He roughly pushed her back, releasing her arm and turning away from her. Stumbling to catch her balance, Aliana watched his shoulders hunch forward, his hands scrubbing roughly over his face. 
“Did you write that song for Guinevere?” Aliana chanced asking him. This could be the key to knowing why he’d truly left Arthur’s side after Titania had created the prophecy. She’d never believed the reason he’d given—that he merely went looking for Merlin.
He wheeled around, pinning her with his angry gaze. “Do you think just because Arthur and Galahad defend you, you have the right to pry into everyone’s private life?” 
“No, but…”
Lancelot cut her off with a slashing motion of his hand. “You need to go upstairs and keep your nose out of others’ private affairs. Guinevere is none of your concern!” His face flushed with fury.  
Aliana’s temper flared. “Do not talk to me like a child!” she whispered angrily, not wanting to yell and wake the whole house. “I’m as much a part of this as you are. It’s been obvious since we first met that something has closed you off to everyone around you. All you do is lash out at us.” 
Lancelot stood with his body ramrod stiff, his balled fists shaking. Aliana felt like she should be buried in a thirty foot grave by now. Despite his anger, she didn’t back down. She wanted answers and thought that in this state, she might be able to force him to admit why he’d abandoned Arthur and Galahad. There had to be a better reason than that he’d wanted to look for Merlin. There had to be! “Why did you really leave Arthur’s side in Avalon?”
Lancelot’s face turned a deeper red and his pale eyes raged with so many emotions: anger, betrayal, confusion, and endless heartbreak. 
“Get out of here right now, Aliana,” he ordered in a low, shaky voice. 
With her trembling hands on her hips, she stood her ground, her body between him and the door. “No. I’m not leaving ’til you answer my question!” 
“If you won’t leave, I will. Step aside.” 
She refused to move. “Answer my question. Why did you really leave Avalon and Arthur?” 
“Step aside or I’ll make you.” His face was directly in front of hers. 
“You won’t hurt me. It goes against everything the Knights of the Round Table stand for.” Aliana wasn’t sure how it was possible, but his face got even redder. She could almost see steam blowing out of his ears.  
“Clearly I was willing to go against the code before. I could easily do it again. Now, move!” 
“Why did you leave Arthur and Galahad? Was it really because you wanted to make sure Morgana hadn’t killed Merlin after he left or was it because you wanted to try to find Guinevere? Did you really think she’d still be out there alive? ” 
Lancelot snapped. He grabbed her shoulders, roughly shoving her against the wall and knocking the breath from her lungs.  
“What do you want me to say?” He growled like a dangerous, wounded animal. 

Okay........so what do you think? Did I leave you hanging or have you figured it all out? I love this part of CLAIMING EXCALIBUR, which is why I wanted to share it here. There is so much going on in the lives of every member of the Round Table and getting the chance to tell you all more about their individual stories is amazing! And wait until book 3 of the saga is released. You really get to know the others stories then.
Now, like every post, I'd be remiss if I didn't add in all the book information so here it is:
 Aliana Fagan has done what many thought impossible: she’s awakened King Arthur from his fifteen-hundred-year sleep, reunited the Knights of the Round Table, and even beaten Mordrid and Morgana LeFay in battle.
But the Destined One’s quest has only begun.
Before the knights can "unearth and reclaim their lost relics" they must survive the trip to Charleston, South Carolina and meet the newest member of the Round Table. If King Arthur’s men thought Aliana and Lacy were tenacious, they'll be even more surprised by Dawn, the third member of the fem-trio. 
Deadly secrets, unexpected allies, and a traitor lurking in the shadows await Aliana and the new Round Table as they continue their search for Excalibur. Their only clue is a beyond confusing poem from a mysterious book that speaks of a terrifying creature guarding the legendary sword. Trying to build a somewhat normal relationship with Sir Galahad adds a whole new level of complexity to Aliana’s task, especially when several among them suspect the White Knight may not be wholly himself. Her friendship with King Arthur grows closer, and when circumstances become intense, he may finally get the chance with Aliana that he’s been pining for.
Mysteries, legendary quests, and haunting memories will either unite the members of the New Round Table or fracture their bonds. Aliana and her crew only have seven months before the planets align and Mordrid can seize the power he needs to conquer the seven realms. Can the Destined One keep her new family together and lead Arthur to his destiny of saving the realms? Or will a centuries-old plot for revenge finally spell the king’s end?
Head on over to Goodreads to add it to your TBR list or pre-order it on Amazon  Barnes & Noble iBooks which ever e-reader or print service you prefer :)
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