Friday, November 21, 2014


Today's post is going to be a rant and a rave. I know I'm cra-cra, but lets go with it for now. Let's start with the rave, because I always like my dessert before my veggies :)  --haha get the Pastry chef joke?-- **ducks Raspberry Lemon Roulade thrown at her head**

Okay seriously. I love telling people that I am a pastry chef at a hotel in DC and a published author because people's faces are hilarious! I recently went with my dad to Vienna on a business trip of his, met tons of people because it was a huge conference that people bring their families too--thus my going! It was tons of fun, and during the conference I spent my days with the other family members, so naturally we all got chatting. Here are some of the A-maz-ING pics

 We gotta have a picture of this one playing the accordion!

But I digress-SQUIRREL-though it does tie into my rave here. Anyways, I was telling people about my book and that the second book in the Legendary Saga was coming out in a few weeks. I just found out yesterday that CLAIMING EXCALIBUR is now available for pre-order of Amazon and B&N!!!!!!!!!! Totally psyched. Print copies will run Dec 30th, e-copies will go live Dec 16th!!
It's a tiny thing, I know, but it didn't get to happen with LEGENDARY so the fact it happened this time is so cool! 
Also we just revealed the cover for CLAIMING EXCALIBUR--which my girls at Omnific did FANTASTICALY with-- and it's up on Goodreads for people to start adding it to their TBR lists--and since I love giveaways I am also putting up 2 signed print copies of LEGENDARY through  Goodreads so be sure to enter that :)
What's also cool is this Buzzfeed list a blogger friend of mine told me about! And guess what LEGENDARY is on it! Right with C.C. Hunter and Meg Cabot--two of my favorite authors :)
So that's three really amazing things for me to rave about and I can't tell you how those good things have gotten me through the stupidity of real life.

Which brings me to my rant..................
I love what I do, cooking, baking, wedding and specialty cakes, playing around with different foods and flavor profiles. I have to other wise I wouldn't have been in the Food industry for 15 years!
In those years I've been crazy privileged to rub shoulders and or work for 5 star chefs, 3 Michelin star chefs, The largest fortune whatever company (Disney) and the only chef owner in the world to be 5 star 5 diamond ranked for over 26 years consecutively! That's almost as long as I've been alive! Yes, I started way to young in my business :)
Now it hasn't been all edible glitter, cupcakes and guilt free ice cream; believe me I've met enough jack-asses, egotistical-pig-headed-napoleon-complex-I think I know what I'm doing but really I just have my thumb up my butt--jerks!
WAHOOOOOO.......that took some breath.
To say I've developed a titanium skin would be an understatement, so I can take the trash talk, the disses, the back stabbing, the degrading comments and mean looks like a MMA Champ. But the thing that never fails to get under my skin is hypocrisy and ignorance.
I am very sure I'm not alone in my destestment of these two things, but sadly, many people in "position of power" fall dead center into this target's bullseye.
It can be overwhelming at times and even after a decade and half of abuse I still have trouble coping on a rare occasion. Finding new ways to cope, I realize now, was probably a big factor for me to start writing again. It was a fresh challenge, let's me show off my imagination and most of all gives me an escape from the stupid and crazy. Not that the publishing industry doesn't have that too...we all know it does...
If you've read LEGENDARY or have been one of the people to recieve ARC's of CLAIMING EXCALIBUR you'll have noticed I have some pretty strange monsters and I like to skewer/chop off head and body parts/impale creatures with magic vines..........can you say anger management? 
I can :D
This always reminds me of one of my favorite author quotes, pictured below for your convince

Yeah, that's me. You should see what I do in book 3 **laughs evilly** 


And that ends my rant. If you've got a rant you want to share or thoughts--random or related-- please feel free to do so in the comments section :)
I love being a writer 
<3 always LH