Monday, September 15, 2014

My Fav Clip from Legendary

Today is one of my favorite scenes and it was one that was in my head from the very first moment I started planning Legendary. It was even one of the first 5 I wrote. Back when I wrote scenes out of order, that is.

Aliana sat next to Arthur on the altar and leaned over him. Gently, she brushed the dark locks from his brow, lowering her lips to inches above his. She focused on the power flowing within her, gathering the forming words and whirls of magic. Somehow, she knew exactly what to do.
 “Arthur Pendragon, our once and future king, your time has come. Your people need you once again to rise up and fight for them.” The power drew her closer to him so that her lips nearly touched his. “Hear my voice; come to me.” Then her lips met his as she breathed out the final words.
The power burst forth from her. Aliana closed her eyes, surrendering to the magic flowing from her lips to Arthur’s, breathing life back into his hard body. When the last wisps of power flowed from her, she pulled back, breaking away from his full, firm mouth. Slowly, she opened her eyes, watching the color return to his face. She ran her fingers over her lips in awe, still feeling his mouth on hers. The power flowing between them wove a tangled web and somehow, a small piece of her heart healed itself.
Arthur drew in the first breath he’d taken in almost fifteen hundred years.
It was then that she realized what she had just done. She had just kissed King Arthur! Before the shock of her actions could set in, the king’s eyes opened. In that moment, all she saw was a rich gold bursting in his eyes. They were such a clear brown, they seemed to glow. Nothing could have torn her eyes from his, and for an endless moment, King Arthur looked at her with pure exhilaration and joy, his beautiful lips turned up in a smile.
He raised his hand, brushing his fingertips gently across her lips before his large hand cupped her cheek. The gentle warmth flowing from his hand had Aliana sighing as she leaned into his touch and smiled back softly.
 “It is you,” he whispered, his voice weak.

There you've got one of my favorite scenes. I hope it makes you want to read more ;) 
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