Friday, September 12, 2014

Legendary Scene Grab

I'm back with another scene and meme pairing for y'all! Hope you enjoy this one too! :)

Small cracks in the amber formed where the sword was lodged, spreading like a spider’s web deeper and deeper into the stone. Chunks started to fall, disintegrating, leaving no evidence of the amber’s existence.
Aliana was shocked when she got her first good look at Galahad. He was breathtakingly handsome. His features were Roman in shape, and his wavy hair was light brown, but the paleness of his skin spoke of his northern heritage. His jaw was strong and clean-shaven, his mouth was set into a firm line, and his eyes were closed.
The last of the amber fell away, revealing a powerful body, honed by years of fighting and training. Over his hand and wrist was a thick cuff of silver, decorated with a Dragon taking flight—the Pendragon seal. Here before her was a Knight of the Round Table, Camelot’s protector and loyal servant to King Arthur.
Dazed, her body moved closer to his, as if of its own accord, and her hand stretched out to brush against the cold silver of the cuff, tracing over the back of his strangely warm hand. The moment her skin touched his, a spark shot from her heart down her arm and to their connected hands. His eyes snapped open, finding hers immediately. Aliana’s world tilted. His eyes were a shockingly clear shade of blue—and they were focused on her! She was drawn into his captivating gaze, and a band clicked into place around her heart.

I hope you enjoyed this little snip it from Legendary. This meme is one of my favorite that I've created and this scene just goes so well with it! I couldn't resist.
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