Sunday, August 3, 2014

Updated site, books and life

Hey lovelies!
I promised weeks ago that I would be making some changes as I continued down the road on my writing journey and here is another! If you've been here before you know what my site used to look like.....well here is the new and improved version!
What do you think?
I love it! I'm sure some will think it's a little tooooo girlie, but hey, I'm a girlie-girl......most of the time, so it fits me. Major thanks to Megan and Chri of These Paper Blogs design studio for working with me to create something so unique and wonderful!
I know Dagg was thrilled when I told him he'd be getting his own icon :) Love Aliana's Dragon guardian!

Also, as promised, I've been doing posts other than those that relate to Legendary and it's universe. My favorite on being the Sea of marshmallows because it was one of my most recent projects in my bakeshop. And I've got more coming from that side of my world!

I haven't been able to do as much posting as I had hoped this summer, mostly because we started edits on book 2 of the Legendary Saga--Claiming Excalibur, literally days after my June post. Then there's also the fact I'm writing book 3 at the same time with the deadline quickly approaching. I hope this isn't too spoilerish, but when I first started putting everything together to write Legendary, and even during most of the time I was writing Legendary, I swore that I wouldn't do anything set back in the past with Camelot's just so done. But the deeper and deeper I sank into Legendary, Claiming Excalibur and the overall series arc I realized one big thing: I have to take Aliana back to Camelot. And guess what that's happening in book 3.
She won't spend the entire time back there, but for everyone to continue to see the growth and changes in both characters and situations, I felt I had to do what I swore I wouldn't. Sometimes I feel so James Moriarty. 
But, the main thing is that it works for the story, so that makes it all good. Okay, writing a time travel deal-io is a little harder than I first anticipated........BUT I think I've got it all sorted. My poor closet doors, they've been turned into huge plot timelines........

In addition to what I've just told you, I'm also trying to get more progress done on my WIP. You remember it, the YA para/fantasy that features Italy's first crime family the Borgias! Okay, well my WIP uses the name Borgia, but the characters are all my own creation. Reminder, it's NOT a historical! Think of a cross between...well......humm.....I can't really think what to compare it to. Needless to say I've still got a lot to do on that one!

If you've checked out the tabs at the top of the site you'll also see a new Tab: Cover Lust! For me, what grabs my attention about a book is the cover. You want me to read it, you need to have a cover that gets me. (And then have a killer book blurb) There are so many amazing covers out there, especially with young adult books! Now I've created several images that feature some of my favorite covers--I've even included some covers from book that I read and didn't like.
I'm putting the finishing touches on that page right now, so keep an eye out for it!

Well, that's about all I've got to say. I really need to get back into my Legendary writing mode so off I go, back down the Dragon hole!
Let's just hope Santiago Cabrera --aka my favorite Aramis ever-- doesn't distract me again with that look
Just be sure you mind his needle work!
Okay, I'm distracted again.........I'm going away now! I hope you lovelies will enjoy the rest of your weekend!
<3 always LH