Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sailor Moon then and now

Hey lovelies! One of my absolute, hardcore favorite things of all time is the 90's TV show and Manga Sailor Moon. This show was and is such an inspiration to me because it got my imagination soaring and jumping and really expanding. It had everything that I love in books/TV shows/entertainment
  1. Amazing look and artwork and story lines that just sink their claws into you
  2. A lovable and relateable main character and supporting cast
  3. A hot prince who is a bad-ass warrior
  4. Strong themes of romance, but more than that friendship and loyalty and all forms of love.
  5. Let's not forget the action and EPIC battle scenes.
  6. Then, of course, there's the music!

Not only did Sailor Moon inspire my creativity, it gave me ideal to strive for. I was not the greatest of kids growing up, and dealing with my parents divorce, for several hard years, didn't help. Serena (AKA Usagi AKA Sailor Moon AKA Princess Serenity) started out as a very lazy, not very smart character who was a bit on the slacker side, very naive and a total cry baby! She beat her first monster by crying so much and wailing like a banshee for goodness sake.  

But as the show progressed she grew as a person and as a hero; and that showed me that I could do it too. Not to mention she had a HOTT Hot male lead beside her.......Darien (AKA Tuxedo Mask AKA Mamoru AKA Prince Endymion) In some ways he inspired my Sir Galahad. But don't try and compare the two, they are still very different characters.
This may sound stupid, but I always thought that if I was as good as her I would find my own Darien! But what pre-teen and teenage girl doesn't hope for that?
If you follow me on twitter or Facebook (though more so on Facebook) you'll notice I put up a lot of Sailor Moon links and shares. This is because the amazing creator of Sailor Moon and Viz media got together and decided, in honor of the 20 year anniversary of the "Pretty Sailor Guardian", they were going to relaunch the show in a totally new format! Sailor Moon Crystal!

Don't get me wrong. The original Sailor Moon TV show that I watched growing up is still my total favorite! BUT the original series was 200 episodes plus 3 movies........way more story and variation than what was in the original manga. I personally loved the expanded story lines. Some of my favorite episodes and  events were things that didn't even happen in the Manga!
Sailor Moon Crystal, however, is sticking to the original Manga story line. And I'm okay with that too. I am actually really glad they did it that way, because I don't think that I would have liked it as much if the redid all the original episodes. I like having these different variations. 
With the relaunch also brings new music, animation styles and fantastical opening and closing bits.
I don't love the Sailor Moon Crystal opening as much as the 90's version, but it is still wonderful and has the same feel of the original. And I like the new opening song "Moon Pride" and the new closing song "Moonbow". The 90's theme song was called "Moonlight Destinu" or "Moonlight Legend", in English.

Clearly, the one just above is the Japanese version of the new "Moon Pride" opening.
And just below is the newly released English version of the same song! Love it
And this video below is the new closing song/vid "Moonbow". Of the new themes for Sailor Moon Crystal, I like "Moonbow" the best!

There is so much more I could say about Sailor Moon and what it means to me, on so many levels, but I'll leave you with this one last secret only a few people know about me. The first story I ever tried writing was a Sailor Moon fanfiction!
I look back at that original doc now and think OMG what the F was I on, but still. No writer ever forgets their first story. And for me, Sailor Moon was the start of my path to become a writer when I was eleven years old.
See ya lovelies next time ;P
<3 always LH