Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where has 2014 gone?

Oh me, oh my lovelies! Where has 2014 gone? How is it July already?
This Friday is July 4th, and in addition to it this day being the birthday of my country the United States of America USA! USA! USA! it also marks the one year anniversary of my first publishing offer! I remember it so clearly, I was at a stop light in DuPont Circle, doing a bad thing of checking email while at a traffic light.....sorry....when I saw the email subject line.
I automatically pulled over, thank god for all the taxi parking areas in DC--wow never thought I'd say that one!--and I opened the email, expecting another rejection.
Hot damn was I ever wrong! Dr. Harper, owner of Omnific Publishing, had emailed me and offered me a contract for all 4 books of my Legendary series! OMG!!!!! I don't really remember much after that except calling my Momma and freaking my sh!t out. Then the celebratory dinner with three of my Lady Knights a few days later. Margaritas and Mexican food abound!
Since then..........WOW. Total whirl wind journey. Recap of this one year:
  1. I have had my debut novel published-->LEGENDARY.
  2. I've turned in book 2 of the series--> CLAIMING EXCALIBUR
  3. Am currently writing book 3 of the series like a mad woman
  4. Had my first ever book signing, at the RT convention 2014 no less 

  5. Started another YA project based on the Orion mythology--with a yummy dose of the Borgia family! (no this is not a historical!)
  6. I have made some amazing new friends: authors, bloggers, beta readers and fans! And of course my fantastical publicist Jenn--girl I love you <3
  7. I am currently in editing process of CLAIMING EXCALIBUR--Bev you are the best editor EVER!!
  8. I've cannon balled right into the deep end of social media and blogging. I even took on the daunting A to Z challenge and lived!
  9. AND I've even gotten to stretch my wings with my photography and graphic skills!
Now don't get me wrong, this hasn't been all rainbows and Disney sing alongs--although I have some amazing, life long friends who I KNOW would join my in less than a heart beat! But the fact is there has been so much more good, in my writing world, baking world, and my personal life that, upon reflection, makes the few annoyances and bumps feel like nothing!
In the spirit of continuing my amazing literary journey I have started two new social media projects:
  1. My ATO- Author Takeover-Every Tuesday a fellow YA/NA/MG authors is going to take over my author website and tell us all about their books and themselves. Several will have giveaways, some will have special extras and Easter egg content and ALL will feature great books of all different genre's and sub genre's. Today--July 1, 2014-- is week 2 and is showing off one of my critique partners: Brenda Hiatt
  2. This blog is going to see a bit of a makeover and will feature more posts about my world outside of writing. Don't get me wrong, there will still be plenty of book and King Arthur fun, but I'm also going to start sharing things from my other life as a Pastry Chef. Benefit of running one of the largest hotel bakeshops in DC is I get A LOT of time to play and experiment. 
Really what could be better? So keep on rolling 2014, keep on rolling! I will be forever grateful and eager to see what challenges and fun you bring next!
AND LETS GO USA!!!! I believe that we can win! I BELIEVE that we can win! I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN!
But win or lose- the US men's soccer team should be damn proud of all that they have accomplished and shown the world! And yes, my eye makeup is Red, White, Blue and all kinds of spangly! Glad I have an Exec Chef who lets me get away with it :)
Later lovelies!
<3 always LH