Saturday, May 31, 2014

My hero authors part 3 Cate Tiernan

I won't really go in to the intro that I did for part 1 and part 2 of this post series, so let me say this as briefly as I am able to. Today is the intro and chat about the 5th of my hero authors. Day 1 was Tamora Pierce and Joan Lowery Nixon and day 2 was Meg Cabot and L.J. Smith.
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Cate Tiernan-- Goddess of YA Paranormal Witches
 So Cate Tiernan is only a pen name, but it is the name of which I know her best. Cate's real name is Gabrielle Charbonnet and she has written over 70 books under her real name, Cate Tiernan, other pen names and as a ghost writer. Cate also teamed up with James Patterson to write two books Witch & Wizard and Sundays at Tiffany's. But there is one series that she has written that has left it's wicca shaped stamp on my imagination. It is her Sweep Series aka The Wicca series. 
Like with my other hero authors, Sweep was the first book/series about witches that I read and loved. And like L.J.'s Forbidden Game, the Sweep books were just so well written that they FELT so real. I seriously thought that Morgan, Hunter, Bree, Sky, Cal and Robbie were gonna just show up at my school one day and I was going to be able to join their coven. But more than that, there was a lot of authenticity to her books.
This is one thing I didn't really touch on with my other hero authors, but I'll touch on it now. RESEARCH! All authors need to do it. Research is how you make your stories feel so real and get the readers sucked in. Because it not only feels true, but it makes your books that much more believable. Not that my parents were thrilled with the interest in Wicca I took up after starting to read this series. And I admit, I want Hunter! I think I can officially say he was my first book boyfriend. Oh look another first by one of my 5 hero authors...... ;P  But without Cate doing all the research she did, I don't think that her stories would've gotten their claws into me the way they did. It just goes to show that no matter how good you are at world building, character developing, or genius plot creation  without the foundation to root your stories in, it's not going to work on any level.
I guess my main point that I hope came across over these last three posts is that as an author each of these 5 goddesses excel at things that I hope that I will as a writer and why those elements are so important. And I don't mean that just as an author, I mean that also as a reader. When was the last time you heard a reader say they liked a book that was so full of plot holes and flat characters? Never in my experience. 
I still have all of my original copies of Sweep series books, and believe you me, the first time I see a chance to meet Cate or Gabrielle rather, I will totally fan girl out then have her sign at least one of the series books!

It feels a little wrong saying it like this, but I have to include Nalini Singh--Goddess of Adult Paranormal and frankly HOTT-HOT Changelings and Psy men as an honorable mention.
 Like these other 5 hero goddess authors, Nalini is as amazing in person as her books are fantastical. (Not that I've met all of my five, but I'm working on it.) Nalini is a genus at building so many different characters, plot arcs, worlds and romances. I can't really say that there is one book of hers that follows the same formula as her others. Sure there is a certain structure, but each story in all her series are unique and wonderful and memorable.
Plus she's crazy smart and so normally humble for being such a world wide successful author. She has all the same qualities and talents as my 5 hero authors!
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