Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cartoon Theme Song One Liners

Hi Lovelies! If you follow my author page you'll have seen a post I just put up a few days ago about my list of favorite cartoon shows from the 80's, 90's and EARLY 00's (aka before cartoons started to get really bad. And in my opinion, have only just started to get good again in the last few years. Yes I'm a big dork, but I think that should be fairly obvious by now o_0)

While me and two of my Lady Knights were having a blast back to the past moment (or maybe it was a half hour.......) watching old cartoon theme songs on YouTube I remembered just how many great one liners a lot of those themes had. Now maybe they weren't all funny, but come on, you know you remember a line or two from a few of them. In honor of that I've decided to give you my favorite one liners from those themes in my top 30 list! -Again big dork here, but that should be abundantly clear by now. I'm just cementing it right now ;P
Geek Pride baby!

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers--- "There's no case too big, no case too small, when you need help just call: Chip Chip Chip Chip and Dale!"
                     I want to be saved by a chipmunk! And we all know Gadget and Chip were made for each other   

Duck Tales--- "You might solve a mystery or rewrite history Duck Tales"
                    Once in your head, this song won't ever go away! I've been singing it for 3 days!

Jem and the Holograms--- "Jem is adventure! Ooouu... Glamour and glitter, Fashion and fame!"
                    Me and my friends are Jem girls! **dances around***

Animaniacs--- "Goodfeathers flock together; Slappy whacks 'em with her purse." 
                     Now I want to slap somebody with my purse

Scooby Doo--- "Scooby Doo if you come through you're going to have yourself a scooby snack!"
                    And I've made scooby snacks!

Pirated of Dark Water--- "An unlikely but loyal crew of misfits"
                    I totally love misfits! They make the best characters

Darkwing Duck--- "Lets get dangerous" 
                   And he was so damn serious about it too! LOL

Captain Planet--- "Captain Planet, he's our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero"
                   Is anyone else seeing the Disney's Hercules reference here? 

Gummi Bears--- "bouncing here and there and everywhere"
                   Where can I get my Gummi Berry juice?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles--- "Heroes in a half shell. Turtle Power!"
                   Is it sad that Leo and April were also my favorite?
Magic Knights Rayearth--- "It's true--what you believe. Don't let go--the road will never end!"
                   Call me sentimental but......this line was just so  inspiring

Inspector Gadget--- "Inspector Gadget   Ooh ohh   Inspector Gadget"
                    Not a lot of words, but ya can't stop singing it!

W.I.T.C.H.--- "Water, fire, earth and air---Guardians Unite."
                    I don't know why but this part is the one that always sticks out to me

Aladdin the series--- "Pack your shield, pack your sword, you won't ever get bored."
                    I love the show so much more than the movies! And I love the movies! 

Loony Tunes--- "Tonight what heights we'll hit On with the show this is it!"
                    Who didn't love that wrascaly wrabbit? Bugs had some of the best one liners ever!

Kim Possible--- "Call me, beep me if you want to reach me"
                    It's the Disney girl in me... and she had such great hair and could kick butt no matter what outfit she was wearing! 
Thunder Cats--- "Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats--HO!"
                   Okay so this is the only real line, but come on, who doesn't know this one?

She-Ra Princess of Power--- "Fabulous secrets were revealed to me..."
                   Was it just me or did anyone else want to have Spirit/Swiftwind for a pet? 

Gargoyles--- "Frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years"
                   You know, I think it was Goliath's voice, he could say anything and I'd love it.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe--- "Loved by good. Feared by evil."
                   I always wanted to be Princess Allura so I could have Keith! Cartoons shouldn't be allowed to be so hot!

Sailor Moon--- "Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight"
                 There is nothing really to say except SAILOR MOON RULES! And in the name of the moon I will punish you!

So you see total geek and darn proud of it. You don't like it then too bad. Really who doesn't like getting reminders of the good parts of their child hood? Several of these cartoons I would always watch with my best friends or my big brother (It was a rare occasion we could both sit down and enjoy watching the same thing!) My nephew--my little tiger prince--is just getting old enough to be allowed to start watching some of these cartoons, and my Niece--the Diva--is almost there too. I can't wait to show them what good cartoons really are!
And now to finish getting ready for RT convention in NoLa! It's gonna be the best week of this year so far!
Laters lovelies
<3 always LH