Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y for Young Sherlock Holmes-Death Cloud

Day 25 of the A to Z Challenge. Today's offering:

Y is for Young Sherlock Holmes- Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

It is the summer of 1868, and Sherlock Holmes is fourteen. On break from boarding school, he is staying with eccentric strangers—his uncle and aunt—in their vast house in Hampshire. When two local people die from symptoms that resemble the plague, Holmes begins to investigate what really killed them, helped by his new tutor, an American named Amyus Crowe. So begins Sherlock’s true education in detection, as he discovers the dastardly crimes of a brilliantly sinister villain of exquisitely malign intent.
COVER RATING: On a scale of 1-9
Definitely a cover worthy of Sherlock Holmes!

Another on the TBR shelf. I admit, I’ve only read a few of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyly Sherlock books, but ever since Robert Downey JR starred in Sherlock back in 2009 I have had my love of the series re-ignited. There are so many great movies and (of course) TV shows. BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary. So I needed a YA book to go along with it.
If you will recall, day 3 of the challenge, C for Clockwork Scarab was also a Sherlock involved book, but that one was centered around his niece. This one is all about the famous detective himself as a teen! Who wouldn’t want to read that?
I’ve read plenty of the reviews and many seem to agree, this is worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and is caulk full of action, intrigue, mystery and kidnappings! Several if I read correctly.

Definitely excited to sit down with this one and get started. It’s in my top 5 of my TBR pile.
There you go, come back tomorrow for day 26!
Later lovelies!
<3 L.H.
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