Monday, April 21, 2014

R for Reckoning (Sweep Series)

Day 18 of the A to Z Challenge Today's offering:

R is for Reckoning by Cate Tiernan

Somewhere, there is a place for me. There are people who understand me and can explain the mysteries of my past.
I have traveled far in search of this place.
But instead of knowledge or understanding, I have found only danger, hostility, and fear....
Alisa is half blood witch and is desperate to find out more about her witch ancestry so she runs away to find her late mother's witch family. From the moment she arrives, terrifying events envelop the entire family and Alisa herself appears to become the target of her ancestor's ghost. But there is no ghost. Alisa's striking resemblance to her mother is so distressing to her grandmother Evelyn, that it triggers dormant telekinetic powers in Evelyn which are responsible for causing the havoc. The revelation reconciles Alisa to her estranged family and to her own powers as a witch. Now she is ready to go home.
COVER RATING: On a scale of 1-9
There are several different lives of this cover, but this one is my favorite!
Yes, this is book 13 in the Sweep/Wicca series. But I promise, there’s a good reason I chose a book so far into the series. This is the book that switches from Morgan, the main female protag in the whole Sweep series, to Alisa. An untrained half-witch who I love almost as much as Morgan. This entire series was, and still is, one of my top favorite YA series of all time. I still have all the original, 1st edition print books—in almost perfect condition—and even go back every now and them and breeze through one or two of them.
Since this series was first published in 2001, like all YA books of that time and for the next few years, it is a very short book. Thus making a quick read. One of my favorite things of this whole series, and Cate Tiernan (who is another of my hero authors) is the way she tells her stories.
She is a master, seriously, from every aspect! The romance, the character and their developments and voices, intriguing, original and unique plots are all her strong suits. I mean, she totally had me going with Cal and Morgan in the first few books then Hunter and when she revea………Wait. Stop. Breath. Spoiler stop.
Okay, besides the romance and the clear research Cate did, this series is also great for younger girls to read because both Alisa and Morgan grow from shy girls trying to find out who they are and understand themselves, into strong, confident and genuinely real people.
Neither is perfect, even in the end, but they are good, decent, strong female a girl can look up to.  And Cate does all of this without it feeling like an after school special!

Okay, I’ve taken a breath, and now I want to power read books 1-5. Damn it, now I’m gonna have a whole stack of books to read by the end of this blog challenge.
There you go, come back tomorrow for day 19!
Later lovelies!
<3 L.H.

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