Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G for Gifted Touch

Day 7 of the A to Z Challenge. Today's offering:

G is for Gifted Touch (Fingerprints Series) by Melinda Metz

Sometimes, when I touch things, words fill my head. Words that feel like thoughts--thoughts that are inside of me...but not mine.
I used to think I was crazy. Used to.
I'm starting to wonder if there's a reason for all the voices that tangle together in my mind. And if I'm right, then it's not my sanity I'm worried about--it's my life.
COVER RATING: On a scale of 1-9
This cover gets the rating it does because while eye catching- and I mean slap you in the face and then do it again when you go back for a second look. It’s just a little too….yellow for me. But hey, it was the early 00’s.

So this is another series I read back in the day aka high school and really liked. Not as much as some others I’m offering up, but still. I think what I like best about this series is that yes it’s a paranormal, its not really. It’s a paranormal because of her psychic ability- the power to touch a person’s fingerprint and pick up the thought they were having a that moment. Now it’s time for DynoMoon to rejoin us and tell us her thoughts on this book.
DynoMoon's series review:
Like LH, I read this book series when it came out over ten years ago and attached myself to it. Though I don’t think I was as into it as I wanted to be, it was still good.

Gifted Touch is the first in a book series called Fingerprints, and is about a 15 year old high school girl, Rae Voight, who develops a psychic ability. She touches a fingerprint and she can "hear" the thought of the person whose print she is touching. Poor Rae thinks she’s going nuts, and she’s terrified of being diagnosed insane, like her mother was. She finally returns to school but her old boyfriend had moved on and her old friends all treat her very differently, like she’s contagious or something. Poor girl. She meets some new people in her “therapy group” and then she discovers someone out to kill her.
Oh boy.
Now she has to find the facts about a certain past to protect herself. And she’s only got her friends Anthony, who knows about her mysterious abilities, and Yana, who doesn't ask awkward questions, to help her through it.
I admit I got a little frustrated because it took Rae so long to figure out what the heck was happening to her, and really it was another character that put it all together for her. Rae’s definitely not he strongest of female leads, but I still liked her and was able to relate to her. Now all that’s said I like this series a lot. The whole premise is a paranormal mystery, though I stress the mystery more than the paranormal part, and it took me a long while to figure out whom the bad guy really was. Which is a good thing.
This series has 7 books in it so if you choose to dive in, I suggest you make sure you’ve got your psychic mystery solving diving gear on tight!

There you go, come back tomorrow for day 8!
Later lovelies!
<3 L.H.
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