Friday, April 4, 2014

D for Daughters of the Moon

Day 4 of the A to Z blog challenge. Today's offering:

D is for Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing

They seem like ordinary girls living in Los Angeles. But the truth is far from ordinary. Vanessa can become invisible. Catty travels back in time. Serena reads minds, and Jimena has premonitions. What separates them from other bands them together as Daughters of the Moon.

book 4: The Secret Scroll

Catty goes into the past to discover her true identity. Not only does she meet her birth mother, but she also inherits a secret scroll that that is the key to destroying the evil Atrox once and for all.

book 5: The Sacrifice

Stanton, a Follower of Atrox, is torn between his love for Serena and his desire to destroy her by turning her over to the dark forces.

book6: The Lost One

A girl wakes up one day not knowing where—and more importantly, who—she is. Soon she realizes that she has the power to move things with her mind. What is her connection to the Daughters of the Moon?

COVER RATING: On a scale of 1-9
This score is more for the original covers of these books rather than the one I used up top. Here is a graphic of all the original covers. GEORGOUSE!!!

You’ll notice, as this blog challenge goes on, that a lot of the books I chose to spotlight were published several years ago. The reason I chose those books is because they are what inspired me and helped me survive the torture that High school was. But we’re not here to discuss that. We’re here to learn more about great books and this series, the Daughters of the Moon is an amazing one for sure.

DynoMoon's series review:
This series follows a cast of 4 leading ladies- with a 5th joining the party about half way through- who are mortal goddesses who fight against their big bad Atrox. It gets even bigger when the girls turn 17 they have to make a choice, stay on earth and live their lives minus their powers and their memories of all that has happened, or become guardian spirits and live trough eternity as something much more than who they are.
I LOVE this series so hard for so many reasons, but the biggest is because each book is focused on a different girl. The series follows a pattern in which each girl gets their own spotlight for a book then the next is another girl, and so on until we reach book thirteen. And that’s great because it lets a reader get a real, bone deep connection to all the girls and the loves in their lives! All these girls go through so many different experiences and survive crazy challenges that would push most normal people past their breaking point. Yet they all manage to keep themselves sane and pull together to do everything they must to save the world!
Serena and Catty were my personal fav’s, but It’ll take me way to long to list all the reasons why. Needless to say, they had the best romances and the best endings. Plus Serena was just so kick ass and Catty was sooooo strong! All the girls were, and so were the guys they fought against and cared for.
This whole series is addicting, fun, jam packed with action and drama ,funny in certain places and intensely wonderful in all the right spots. Like most YA books published before Harry Potter took off, the books themselves are smaller word counts than the books that come out today. But that’s better because Lynne packs so much into such a small amount of pages. Talk about knowing how to make the most of what you’ve got! LOL.
If you want a series that will thrill and drag you under—and have an amazing big bad—this is the one for you! And the books are now grouped together so it’s even more goodness all at once.

There you go, come back tomorrow for day 5!
Later lovelies!
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