Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B for Breath of Yesterday

Day 2 of the A to Z blog challenge. Today's offering:

This second volume in Emily Bold's mystical series about Samantha Watts and Payton McLean, a cursed Scotsman from another era, takes listeners on a thrilling journey across time. After winning the battle to break a centuries-old curse, Samantha and Payton thought nothing could stand in the way of their happiness. But all too soon they learn the horrifying truth: Their struggle to keep Payton alive has only just begun. Samantha ventures into the past, back to eighteenth-century Scotland where it all began, and back into the arms of Payton, the handsome young Highlander who stole her heart. Will they unlock the secret to the legend of the five sisters in time to make their dreams come true?

COVER RATING: On a scale of 1-9
I gave this cover the score I did because it is eyes catching, beautiful, and the two covers blend so darn well together! And those eyes. Yeish!

First thing I must say about this book: 20ISH YEAR OLD HIGHLANDERS! AAAhhhhh- Yes please with a side of calorie free ice cream. LOL
Okay, seriously, this is the second book of this series. The first is Touch of Eternity: The Curse. Emily Bold is an author who lives in Germany and only recently had her series published over here in the states, and boy can I say how happy I am it was. I said up top....highlanders.....but they are not all just hot hulking he-men. No, no, one of them is kinda a flirty nerd, others are still very much stuck in the past, but our hero has all the qualities I love in the thought of a Highlander. (Yes I am a TOTAL fan of the Highlander movies and especially the TV series, starring Adrian Paul. YUMMY with an extra drizzle of passion fruit sauce!) Peyton and Sam are an amazing couple. Sam is an American girl with a lineage that traces back to Peyton’s past, centuries ago in Scotland, and to his clan. Ye there is a small amount of sex and references to it in this book, but they are tastefully done and sooooo romantic! I also love that this book, and the first one, had me thinking the whole time, trying to figure out what the author was doing with the plot and her cast of characters.
I can’t pick which of the two books I like the best, there are so many great things about both, but I think I chose this one because of the time travel part of this book. I’ve read a few of them in the past and I have never been able to really enjoy them because I find the loopholes in the author’s planning. NOT THE CASE with Breath of Yesterday. Emily did a fantastic weaving everything together so brilliantly.
I totally recommend this book for those who love hot guys, spunky, never say die teen girls and a little bit of ancient mystery! It’s an easy read and will hold your attention! When I finished this book I remember calling my blogger bestie MissLittlebookAddict and gabbing her ear off about how much I loved these two books.

There you go, come back tomorrow for day 3!
Later lovelies!
<3 L.H.
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