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Legendary blog tour Flora takes over

Hi, I'm Flora! The most kick butt Pixie you'll ever meet!
LH is busy loosing her mind with all the excitement surrounding today's kick off of the Legendary Blog Tour so I thought I'd- ahem........commandeer.........her blog today *Wink*
I have a VERY special surprise for you all.  *jumps up and down*  Not only am I going to introduce you to King Arthur, from Legendary, but you're gonna see another Arthur too!
LH's friend, and fellow Omnific author, Carol Oates is also telling her own tale of King Arthur. Her book is called Shades of Avalon- book 2 in her Shades series.
All I can say is WOW! Both of them are amazing-drool worthy-fantastical Kings. *fans herself* Aliana would DIE to photograph these two.
Even better, I.......ahem.......accidentally came upon the first meeting of these two hot Arthur's. Here's the total insider's scoop on what they said to each other:
Legendary—I am Arthur Pendragon, Son of Uther and Igraine Pendragon and King of Camelot.
Shades of Avalon—I am Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot. My birth is a mystery, though some believed sorcery played a part.
Fifteen hundred years ago my kingdom was attacked from within by a dark wizard we all thought was a friend to Camelot: Mordrid. Through black magic and trickery he killed four of my best knights and nearly ended my life. But my loyal knight and Druid, Merlin, trapped the traitor and fled with me, Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad to Avalon where we struck a bargain with Titania, Queen of the Fae. She saved our lives but bound us to a prophecy that tied our fates to that of a human girl, the Destined One.
In a time of upheaval and magic, I was taken from my foster family to live in the citadel of Camelot. King Uther raised me as his own son. I trained as a knight and drew Excalibur from stone, claiming the sword and my right to the crown. I married Guinevere, a woman I accused of stealing in the market. She and Emrys, the crazy magic man I called a friend, strived for peace over the land. We were tricked into a battle with Modrid and Morrígan, leaders of a supernatural race called Guardians. They failed to take Excalibur, but Emrys was taken prisoner and I was mortally wounded.
It was said she would come before the worlds drakes hour and bring me back to life and reunite my Round Table. Now, here in London, England she had found us and I, and my men, live again.
Guinevere begged the Fáidh, the gatekeepers of Avalon, to save my life. Instead, they took me to the otherworld where I will remain until my peoples’ need is greatest. Now immortal, Guinevere lives in hiding and protects Excalibur from those who would use her and the sword for their own wicked plans.
OMG!!! Totally EPIC right? Greatest thing about being a Pixie: I can be atonal fly on the wall to see AND hear soooo many interesting thing.
I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.....drool....
Now go check out Legendary and the first book in the Shades Series. Or enter in the give away below to win FREE e-copies of both books!
See you in Legendary!
xoxo Flora
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