Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 3 of Legendary blog tour

Hi lovelies! I hope you've enjoyed all the funness of my blog tour so far!
I was racking my brain trying to decide what to do for today's blog post when a friend suggested I talk a little about my writing processes. What a novel idea *LOL*
If you've ever talked to or been to any author panels or interviews you'll know there are authors who are "Plotters", "Pantsers" and "Plantsers". Now what do these three words mean well.....
Plotters: are authors who plot out everything before they start writing their books. It's an outline. Sometimes it can be an outline for just one book or for individual books AND the series.
Pantsers: Authors who are gifted with the ability to just write and have it all fall out onto the computer. Then they go back in and edit and edit till it's perfect.
Plantsers: (this is me) This is a combination of both the author types above. I am for the most part a plotter. You should see my iPad and closet doors............ I have story arc/plot boards for each individual book of the Legendary Saga then 1 major one for the entire series.
I remember when my parents first saw it. They didn't know what to make of it all. LOL
I've mentioned it before, I was fortunate enough to work at Disney for four wonderful years. (a dream I had always had since I was a kid) If I could only choose one thing that makes Disney so successful, across the board, it is this: EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL MATTERS!
Disney's Gargoyles was and still is one of my all time favorite cartoons, and a large part of that was because every little detail you thought was just a coincidence tied into a later episode or story plot. That element is what draws me into things- be it books, movies, tv shows, whatever. And it was something I wanted to be sure to include in Legendary.
So take this as a sort of spoiler; things you may think are just there or are a coincidence will most likely tie into a later plot point or story line!
Wait this sounds like I am solely a Plotter......well let me give you two perfect examples of why I am truly a Plantser. Lacy and Flora.
When I started writing, Lacy was only supposed to be in the dance party scene, as a way to introduce Aliana's personal life, outside being the Destined One, and introduce Wade. As I went on, Lacy just wouldn't be set aside and she managed to write herself into the story and now she has a rather significant part in the over all story.
The Pixies are my second perfect example. Flora just wouldn't go away. She would sneak in here and there and bam, pop up in front of me and say "You know this part would be solo much better with me in it!" Thus she and Lacy found themselves as important characters in the over all story plot. You may not get to see a lot of them in the actual books, but they make a difference. Honestly there are several parts of book 1 and book 2 that just wouldn't have worked without them.
There you go. A little peak into my process as a writer and what "author type" I fall into as an author. It doesn't matter how you write, everyone is going to be different, what matters is that you are doing what works for you and lets you tell the story you want to. And if you are a just starting out as a writer, I can say from personal experience, you'll most likely try several different ways of writing to figure out what works for you. Stars know I did.
I started out writing chapter summaries by hand, in notebooks, and now I do little "post its" in my Storyist app on my iPad.
I hope you've enjoyed the Legendary blog tour and my special extras! Don't forget to enter in the giveaway, plenty of chances to do so, and be sure to check out the final stop today! Sexy Book Reviews by Shelly and April (Don't let the age disclaimer stop you. Legendary is good clean YA goodness! I promise!)
<3 always LH
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