Monday, March 31, 2014

A to Z blog challenge 2014 set up

Hey lovelies!  I am so excited to get started on the A to Z blog challenge but I want to set up the "outline" if you will, of how I'm setting up my daily blogs. Since I am hitting 26 different and great YA books, I know I can't do "reviews" of all of all of them. Partially because I'm not sure anyone has that much available time, and second, several of the books I chose are in my TBR pile.
So, each of the posts will have the following:

  1. My cover rating- done on a scale of 1-9, 9 begin the best.
  2. Book blurs and links to Goodreads and Author pages
  3. My brief thoughts

After all of the above I will add in some extras based on the book its self. If it is in my TBR pile, I'll tell you why it is. Some of the books will have reviews done by my new YA book review blogger buddy DynoMoon. Some will have fan art tributes and music that makes me think of those books. Some will have a longer bit of "my opinions"- and I say that because I am not a reviewer. I will never give a review of a book because I don't think I can be truly fair because I'm an author. I can however tell you what I liked and didn't. 

In addition to the blog I am also going to be running two contests for the entire month of April. One on my goodreads page for 2 signed paper copies of Legendary and another on this blog site with several eBooks on offer and an Amazon gift card. Several copies of Legendary will be up for grabs, along with over 4 dozen books up for grabs gifted to me by some fabulous, and spectacular author friends who love their readers and finding new ones! Just like me :D

So without further a due check back tomorrow for Day 1's offering! Here is the schedule I have planned for this tour.

A for Awake at Dawn
B for Breath of Yesterday
C for Clockwork Scarab
 D for Daughters of the Moon
 E for Existance
 F for Forbidden Game
 G for Gifted Touch
 H for Huntress
 I for Illuminate
 J for The Juliet Club
 K for Killer Frost
 L for Legendary
 M for The Mark of Athena
 N for Name of the Star
 O for Oh My Gods
 P for The Princess Diaries
 Q for Queen B
 R for Reckoning (Sweep Series)
 S for Shadow of the Mark
 T for True
 U for Unearth
 V for Venom
 W for When Lightning Strikes
 X for X-men Misfits
 Y for Young Sherlock Holmes-Death Cloud
 Z for Zombie vs Unicorn

See you later lovelies!
<3 LH 

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