Monday, February 24, 2014

Legendary is LIVE

So It's a day early but I guess Amazon decided Legendary is such an amazing YA book that it wanted to release it a day early! It's official I am a published author with the first book in my 4 book series The Legendary Saga!
Here's the buy link, and you can also order it in paperback edition for all my traditionalists out there! 
OMG I am so beyond excited and nervous to see what people think about My King Arthur and my Knights of the Round Table! And of course the whole new slew of characters I created for this story! 
Here are some very special images to go along with this amazing news!
aliana bookmark final bookmark v 2 galahad bookmark final legendary buisnesscard final legendary postcard final
All images are owned and created by me!
Can't wait to see what people think!
Laters my lovelies!
<3 always LH