Thursday, January 2, 2014

Guest blogger book review: Miss Little Book Addict

If you've seen any of my other posts you will know that I have said I would never do reviews of books, that still stands, BUT I do know some great book bloggers whose reviews I love and rely on to find new books to read. That being said, I want to introduce a very good friend of mine--who is also a member of MY ROUND TABLE. 
She is MissLittleBookAddict and she has a special review for us today. So without further delay I give you MLBA's review of Colleen Hoover's Hopeless

Hi guys! So happy to be guest blogging on my dear friend, L.H. Nicole's, blog today. I have a great book for you all to check out. 
First of all I have to say this that I freaking <3 Colleen Hoover she is a kick ass writer who does not disappoint. I have read Slammed, Point of Retreat and This girl books and she will never disappoint nor will she have you bored with reading any  of her books.

When first introduced to Sky Davis she is your average teenager who sneaks boys into her bedroom the same time her best friend Six(that's her nick name but Seven is her real name lol) who lives next door. There is a catch to why Sky is sneaking boys into her room. She want's to feel absolutely nothing. All that changes when she meets Dean Holder in a grocery store. He give her butterflies which she mistakes as the beginnings of a stomach virus lol. But it's evident in the beginning when they first meet that Holder recognizes her but ending up thinking it's a case of mistaken identity.

Sky and Holder run into each other again when Sky is out on her daily run. She ends up stopping in front of his house by coincidence. Holder is a really intense guy and has Sky nervous to be around him in the beginning. It didn't help things with the two when Sky's best friend Six tells her to stay away from Holder.

But all that changes when Sky is starting to understand Holder and his mood swings but she still feels that he holding something back from her. This is where I posted the other day saying I was hoping that they were not related. I am happy to report that they are not(whew) but its when Sky discover what Holder was holding back from her, Sky's past and all of her memories that were repressed start to break free, causing her world that she lived in to be snatched right out from under her.

This story line was well played out having you first guess why Holder was so guarded around her and why he was hot then cold towards her. It did have some light humored spots sprinkled in from Sky joking around with her best friend Six, to her text messages between her and Holder to her adopted mother Karen joking about having boys sneak into her room(if she only knew lol). I loved the fact that Sky has lived a sheltered life(Karen didn't believe in technology) it added a realness to it as to see a 17 year old struggle with texting lol. But I also loved the fact that when Sky begged to attend public school her senior year(she was homeschooled) that instead of running for the hills when she was teased she spun it around and didn't let it phase her.

There are way more points to this book I wanted to discuss but we will be here all day, But I will say a few more.
The story line flowed so smoothly that I didn't realized I was halfway finished with the book until I looked at the page I was on. You could easily get swept away in this story with the plot and characters. Even though I am writing everything that i'm feeling about Hopeless it still feels like I didn't get enough in. This book is indeed the book to read. I highly recommend you all to read(if you already read it please re read it lol).
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There you have it! I hope you've enjoyed this guest post/review!
Till next time!
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