Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet King Arthur

Her eyes, those sparkling emeralds, had been my only companion since the fae queen cast her spell on me. Her voice, her laugh mesmerized me. I wanted to draw her in close, to feel her lips on mine- her sweet taste is still on my mouth. Yet a memory- a ghost- is holding me back. ~Arthur

photo taken from Pinterest 

Yeah! It’s finally time to meet our King Arthur! If you have seen or read any of my other of my character sketches you already know my pension for taking the Arthurian legends and turning them upside down and inside out. I have chosen to tell King Arthur’s story my way- and make no mistake, this is as much his story as it is our heroine Aliana’s.

As you can tell from the quote above, Arthur is clearly enchanted but also torn about our heroine and this mystery girl- a ghost. Yes I will tell you right now there is a love triangle in my series
!!!! Oh no she said the dreaded words “love triangle”…… that’s right folks I did and I will say it again and again. I don’t care what people may say or think about it (‘the love triangles are over done’, ‘teens and readers don’t want to read another triangle’, ‘another YA love triangle- how done’…. You get the point)

And you heard me right….I don’t care! I love reading the triangles and no matter how many people smack down movies and books that feature the ‘so over’ love triangles, I am going to write the story that I want to read and tell you guys the story that my characters are telling me! And King Arthur and Sir Galahad have both declared that they will win our Aliana. ;-P
                 Though if Aliana heard them say that I'm sure she'd pull out a Princess Jasmine quote:
                                                      "I am not a prize to be won!"
Besides how anyone can possibly think that a King Arthur story shouldn't have a love triangle is beyond me. The triangle is a major part of the 12th century story- which, let’s face it, is the best known version of King Arthur. Now I am not resting on my laurels here and using the same old triangle… no no no…. I have changed it up to feature Arthur/Aliana/Galahad. Lancelot and Guinevere got their Happily for now (HFN), though it didn't last nearly as long as I’m sure they wanted it to.

However there is one thing I would like you to take to heart though all this rambling; that is the fact that while ‘Legendary’  is a love story, it is also so much more! It is a story about finding yourself- learning who you really are, dealing with the crap 'destiny and prophecy' throw at you, and learning to find your inner confidence to save the world. 

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Till next time lovelies

<3 always L.H.