Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am officially addicted

So this fall had a bunch of great tv shows returning and premiering! I was thrilled for several of the premiers and mildly excited for others. Reign, on the CW, was one I was mildly excited for.

But boy was I blown away! Of all the new shows this season, I had suspected that this would be in the middle of the pile as far as shows I became addicted to; but after just one episode I was so hooked I went on to iTunes and bought the season pass! Since then I'm pretty sure that I have watched each episode sever a times while waiting impatiently for thursday nights so I can see the next episode.

I have heard the show begin blasted because it doesn't really follow history exactly, but common..... did anyone really expect it to? I didn't. I know that the CW has a platform that works for them and so I figured they would stick to it: beautiful girls, way HOTTT guys, amazing clothes and great music and of course a love triangle. It has a very big record of working for the CW's biggest shows so why mess with a good thing?

They have created characters that didn't exist in history (Bash- Francis's bastard half brother) and Nostradamus is young and very good looking; just to name a few. But the things that have me jonzing for the next episode it the quality of the writing and the stories that they are telling. I love the innocence of Mary, the feistiness of her ladies and the tasteful sexiness -said to be a toned down Tudors; which I am perfectly okay with!- and the amazing chemistry between Francis and Mary!

If you decide to give this show a chance I will say now don't expect it to be what history tells us. This is the CW's interpretation for teens and young adults chalk full of sexy goodness.

I was reading an interview featuring the cast of Reign and they said they never intended the show to be an accurate historical retelling. They went on to say that the show is going to be more than just a love triangle and renaissance drama, it is also going to be a ghost story and have elements of horror and occult. I personally like this and am very excited to see where this show will go. 

The CW admittingly took a big risk, and financial investment, to make this show and I personally hope it pays off in a big way! I appreciate when we can see that a network has committed to an investment and it SHOWS in each episode with everything from the music, costumes, filmography and effects used! 

If you are looking for a fun, exciting and sexy new YA/NA show I would highly recommend you checking out Reign on the CW thursday nights after The Vampire Diaries.

till next time
<3 L.H.