Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sir Galahad Returnith

Fury twisted through my gut. I loathed this magic keeping me from my king’s side and Lady Aliana. Watching her in that canyon- helpless to aid her- was torture. Again I am cut off, unable to protect her and see that my king- my friend is indeed safe. I failed to protect Arthur and now Lady Aliana. I swear I will not allow this again! ~Galahad

Forgotten Knight by =sinakasra on
For those who keep tabs on my facebook page, you will have seen my post earlier today about being torn about what to say about Galahad, since we get another look at him today with this character sketch. We have already established Galahad's physical look with the two actors I showed you all last time but I really like this picture from Deviantart called Forgotten Knight because I think it also shows a bit of his character's essence in Legendary
What we have also established is that he's a very loyal guy- with a stubborn streak that rivals superman- but there is more to him than that. Being able to deal with your good aspects is easy, but people who are able to deal with the bad bits of their personality are the truly strong ones.
To see just how much more there is to Galahad, and see how he deals with his trials and tribulations you will have to read Legendary after it is released early next year!
And for those dedicated fans go over to the Legendary website and check out the newest post; you might just find a nice little easter egg surprise!

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