Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meet Owen "Sir Owaine" Nyhart

Wade and I ate alone since Aliana was off on another of her ‘adventures’. Wade isn't the type of person I normally associate with. He’s brash, American, loud-mouthed, American and a comedian. In spite of that, I liked him, maybe because he and I are totally opposites or because he understands loyalty. I’m glad Aliana has him in her life. ~Owen

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Owen Nyhart is Aliana's cousin through her biological mother's side of the family. Owen never had much in his life, but what he did have was a sense of loyalty to those he called his. It's a quality his father instilled in him, and now that he finally has a family again, he will do anything in the world to keep them. Owen is also your typical Brit, having grown up in the city of London all his life, and has all the... 'charm'... of an Englishman.

Of the Knights of the Round Table. Owen is actually one of my favorites, not because he's the strongest or fastest, but because he is exactly the opposite. Don't get me wrong, he is a fighter, but he's the kind that would be more strategic and cunning as opposed to out right brute strength. A quality I can see coming in very handy for The Knights of the Round Table and Aliana.
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