Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daggerhorne returns

She’s going to get killed! The magic barring my path to her is too strong. I will never be able to penetrate it. Only four beings in Avalon have this much power. If any of them have set against us we are doomed. Curse this magic! She’s my charge I have to protect her! ~Daggerhorne
This is a photo of a jewelry box one of my Ladies of my round table gave me. I thought it a good picture to show because it is a perfect representation of Dagg and Aliana.

In honor of the AnimeUSA con we had at my hotel this past weekend I decided to post a drawn picture of Dagg for this character sketch. I also had a thought to do something slightly different today with this post. My website and Tumblr will have actual character sketch information, this blog is going to get something special, you guys are going to get a few paragraphs from Legendary when Aliana first meets Daggerhorne.
Are you excited? 'Cause I am! (hope my publisher doesn't kill me ;P) and please bare in mind this is an unedited clip.
And in...

The door on the other side was different, smaller and less damaged, but it also felt different. Wondering what kind of room would be in the middle of a pillar, Aliana picked up the ringed door handle, surprised when it turned for her. The door opened inward, a wave of hot air hit her smelling like a hot spring she had visited with her mother years ago.
Feeling safer than she ever thought she would in this place, she stuck her head inside. The room was small and round, lit by several old-fashioned lamps hanging from the walls. Aliana slipped into the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She slid the lock in place resting her suddenly heavy head against the rough wood. She closed her eyes, taking a breath as the last of the adrenaline in her system burnt off.
Growwwlll!  Aliana’s eyes shot open, shocked at the deep rumble coming from behind her.
 Please God, NO! Aliana slowly turned around, her numb fingers gripping the door tightly ready to flee from the room if she had to. Hanging down from the ceiling was an ornate cage of gold and bronze twisting bars with small glowing stones welded into random pieces of the metal. The cage was partially covered by a tattered piece of cloth that looked like a good wind would completely destroy it.
She didn’t know what was in said cage, but she was way too morbidly curious to not find out. Stiffly, she reached her hand out, grabbing a corner of the fabric and yanked it away from the cage.
 “Oh my stars!” she breathed, shocked but amazingly unafraid. Trapped in the cage was a real live DRAGON!
(c) L.H. Nicole 2013

And there you have it guys. The first paragraphs from Legendary when our heroine meets her guardian! I hope you all enjoyed this special peak and feel free to leave me your comments here or on any of my pages!
Later lovelies,
<3 always L.H.