Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet our White Knight Sir Galahad

The Destined One looks so young, innocent even. But the shadows in her mesmerizing eyes speak of pain, loss and fear. Fear of me, yet she still fought me with a courage I have not seen from many females. The moment I felt her soft touch, something inside me broke. All I want to do is possess this girl. It’s a need I cannot seem to fight, yet I know I must--my first duty is to my King. ~ Galahad

Many things change with each retelling or reinvention of Arthurian stories, but in most cases several things remain constant. One of those things being that Sir Galahad is the son of Lancelot and that he is pure, virtuous and gallant. That is the exact reason I decided to shake up the stories and change the legends to suit how I had always wished the stories had gone. 

My Sir Galahad is still virtuous, gallant, loyal to a fault and the bravest and strongest of King Arthur's knights. However my version of Arthur and the knights is based off the Roman-Brittish version of the characters and--lets face it--back in the 5th-6th centuries, guys were not pure, not by a long shot.

For my purposeless, Galahad is actually cousin to Lancelot, whom he grew up with, trained with, and became a Knight of the Round Table with. Galahad is the quiet and, at times, the brooding type, he keeps much to himself but he is always there for those he holds dear. There are very few things he would not do to help his friends and loved ones. But I said it earlier, my knights are not the ones of traditional legend; they are 6th century roman trained warriors who have seen battle and death--even though they are no older than a college kid. And, like every person on earth, they have darker sides; even the noble Galahad has his darker qualities. The question becomes how will he handle them in a modern world where the fate of 7 realms-and his heart-hang in the balance?

After debating for weeks I decided to share with you pictures of the 2 biggest PHYSICAL influences in creating my Galahad. Eoin- from BBC's Merlin was my first inspiration but Liam's stunning blue eyes are something I could get lost in- and look like what I imagine Galahad's would- so I just had to put him up as well. Usually I would put a link to my webpage so you can view the full character sketch of my characters, but after weeks of tinkering I finally figured out how to auto post to all my different sites so Galahad's full sketch should appear in a day or two.
Until then enjoy the eye candy! 
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        PHOTO SOURCE LINK                      (C) BBC TV- MERLIN