Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet Daggerhorne~ Aliana's guardian dragon

The Destined One surprised me. Aliana is so youthful, so vulnerable. Her heart is broken and aching with loneliness. What has she suffered to feel so? Shame washed over me. I was supposed to be her protector, not spend two centuries locked in a cage! How can she do all she must when self-doubt and sadness rule her? ~Daggerhorne
Photo (c) Lisa Hood

Daggerhorne, or Dagg as Aliana calls him, is a silver dragon born of Titania's prophecy to fulfill one purpose: Serve as the "Destined One's" guardian and help her defeat Mordrid and Morgana. 
Daggerhorne is the only dragon we meet in the first book, Legendary, but in the next book we will learn about all the types of dragons that make their home in the purely magic realm of Tir Na Nog. Silver dragons are considered the wisest of all DragonKin and have power of the very stars and the energy of the universe. 
Before he was captured by the Sidhe, Daggerhorne traveled the earth and magical realms for several centuries, his purpose to learn as much as he could to aid the "Destined One" when she came forth.

So that is our first look at Daggerhorne, as always head over to my web site and Tumblr page to get a better, and more in depth look at all our character's profiles so far.

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