Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest blog about Teenage friendships on Honestly YA

So I wanted to share the link to my guest blog on the wonderful page Honestly YA!

I am blogging about teenage friendships and how they influenced who we bacame as adults and how they effect my writing.

You will note several pictures up from both my high school years and college years, and as I point out in the post two of the girls pictured there are the inspirations for two of my characters in Legendary

The blonde girl is Lacey (Lacy in Legendary) and the dark haired girl next to me, by the street sign, is my oldest and dearest friend Beth (Dawn in Legendary, though we do not officaly meet her untill book 2 Claiming Excalibur)

Beth and I used to write stories together in high school, those stories -along with the fan fictions I used to write about my favorite cartoon shows- are what showed me, and inspired me to write now and helped give me the courage to share it with the world.

I hope you guys will take a second and stop over to read the article. Just follow the link below!
L.H. Nicole How teen friendships influence us

Till next time lovelies