Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet J'alel- Elf of the Red Wind Forest and Avalon

I watched the girl, hidden from her sight, the Pegasus still by my side. Is it really true, this slip of a mortal girl is the one who will restore the Golden King? I am not sure she will survive the Sidhe. The Pegasus huffed at me, trouncing it’s hooves. Clearly the creature disagreed with me. We will have to wait and see. ~J’alel

Elves make their home in the forests of Avalon, one of the 7 realms that make up my "Legendary Universe". J'alel is the second magical being that Aliana meets after finding Avalon. (The first is a Water Nymph- The Lady of the Lake- Deidre) He saves our heroine- Aliana Fagan- from a bit of a messy situation involving some goblins and a troublesome Pegasus.
As you can see he is very skeptical that this young human girl could actually be the "Destined One" that all the realms have been waiting 1500 years for. The real question is can Aliana change J'alel's mind and regain his- and his people's- support for the coming war?

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