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The Militant Baker: THINGS NO ONE WILL TELL FAT GIRLS...SO I WILL:  (All images by the incredible Liora K ) Things that I wish I knew earlier  Things that I've learned in real life.  Thing...

Friday, December 27, 2013

The best book store ever!

Joseph Beth's Booksellers--- Hands down the BEST bookstore I have ever had the pleasure of camping out in! A treasure trove of precious book gems. This particular business has been in Cincinnati for decades and, back in my high school years, provided me with a location to sit and read what ever YA book I found on their shelves that interested me.
What I find most interesting is that all those year ago, the YA section consisted of only 2 of the book shelves you see in the photo above. My my my how the years have changed the landscape of YA and NA books. According to a very nice bookseller that works there, the YA section is the 3rd largest in their entire store. AMAZING! And here's an even more wonderful, cherished and fantastical fact: Joseph Beth's shelves more than just YA books from the "big 5 book houses"; they also shelve books from small and independent press houses!!!
That is so beyond wonderful because my fantastic publisher--Omnific publishing--is a small press house and their books are sold through one of the distributors that Joseph Beth's uses! AAAHHHH!!! I am so excited at the mere possibility of having my book Legendary stocked in their amazeballs YA section.
Now nothing is official yet, especially since my book does not release until Feb 25th. I just have to hope my amazing publisher and publicist can help me pull this off! Wish us luck ;-)
I am hoping to have a special book review posted by a dear friend of mine. Her book blogger handle is Miss Little Book Addict's House of Books. So if you are interested check back around Wednesday and check it out.
'Till then,
<3 always

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movie fixations

I apologize for the long absence, I have been working furiously on edits for Legendary and writing book 2 of the series. I am finally at a happy place for both so I wanted to talk about MOVIES!

So I have few things that de-stress me after a crazy day of work and writing: those are Movies and TV shows. I have already done a bit on my favorite shows of the new TV season but I wanted to talk about movies.
I'll start with he one I've seen most recently: Frozen
Pictures owned by Disney

I had some expectations going into the movie and some questions, the biggest question being what's the whole plot. From what I gathered from the previews I thought the sisters were separated from childhood and there was no clear storyline outside her searching for her sister.
So I was pleasantly surprised when the movie started (and I was so excited because I went early in the day so I was the only person in the theater!) and I got most of my questions answered. 
My thought over all: Disney has out done themselves again! 
I loved the movie and the music and the animation and the plot. It is everything we've come to expect from Disney Pixar movies and so much more. 
I will admit to not being the best at picking up what is going to happen in movies, TV and books but I have gotten much better since I started writing. But the Frozen writers hit me with a curve ball I didn't see coming. And I LIKED IT!
I would totally recommend you going and checking out FROZEN if you can!

Now on to other great movies for this year. I won't go into why I love each movie But I will give you the list of my top 10 (excluding Frozen since we've covered that)

  1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Thor: the Dark World
  4. Now You See Me
  5. Jack the Giant Slayer
  6. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  7. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
  8. Paranoia
  9. Olympus has Fallen
  10. The Fifth Estate
Interesting mix right? True several of these movies didn't really hit the blockbuster status of others but I don't pick my favorite movies on their sales or the opinion of critiques. I pick movies that grab my attention and ALL of these movie have many things I love about them. Those things vary from starring many of my favorite actors, VERY HOTTT actors, great story plots, amazing action sequences and outstanding world building and special effects.
SO that being said I need to get back to the grind and get the next chapter of Legendary #2 started; and hopefully finished tomorrow!
till next time lovelies!
<3 always

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Disney lover in me

Those who know me know that I am, have always been and will always be a HUGE Disney girl. When I was younger I wanted to work for Disney as an animator because the movies and cartoon shows they made always took my breath away! They where so beautiful, so amazing and the artistry that goes into hand drawing each and every second of the films blows my mind. 
That being said, clearly that plan didn't work out. I can draw, and I think I'm pretty decent at it, but I knew I would never be good enough to work for Disney studios. 
But I still love art- looking at it, creating it- and Disney art is some of my favorite. But I found a new love for photography and graphic design. One of the biggest things to know about me is that for my junior and senior years of high school I attended a vocational school because I HATED my high school and didn't feel like I knew who I was and nothing at my HS would help me figure out who I am and what I want to do. So I signed up for my VOTECH schools and selected my top 2 programs: graphic design and imagery or Culinary arts (though I will admit I choose that because I wanted to be like Sailor Jupiter). I got my acceptance letter but was informed that my first choice, Graphic design was already full so I was enrolled in the culinary arts program.
This was the best consequence of being late to ever happen in my life. When I started school and met all my Chef instructors and the other students, I found myself. My Pastry Chef- Chef Milli was the first to realize that I had a thing for art and she kinda took me under her wing and kept me focused in the pastry kitchen for the school. The greatest thing for me was that I realized I could still do art and put it into cakes and show pieced and plated desserts. From there I did competitions and ended up earning enough scholarships to go to culinary school and get my associates degree in Baking and Pastry Art. 
Now yes I have gotten away from Disney but there is a tie in here.
Part of my degree was doing an internship with any company that was affiliated with my college. Disney just so happened to be one of them. When I realized that it was like a dream come true. (pun fully intended) So it came down to two choices for me: Enter into the college program with Disney or try for an internship spot abroad in Ireland at a "Castle resort" there. Clearly I chose Disney.
Yes I had plenty of people ask me if I was crazy for passing up a chance to live abroad, but Disney was my dream, the goal I had wanted for myself since I was little. I wasn't passing up this chance, not even for a life abroad.
 And working for the mouse was the 2nd best choice I had made in my life. I had already figured out who I was during my VOTECH years and at college, but working at Disney made me more. It helped me open up to people, embrace my inner child and not try to hide it because I was afraid of people thinking me a freak for it. If you work at Disney it's because you are a Disney freak yourself. I met the most amazing people, definitely had my fair share of romances, and got to live a dream for four of the happiest years of my life. The friends I made there where some of the best, many of whom I still talk to, even though I left Disney in 2008 because I needed to be back home with my family in Ohio. But just because I left does not mean I am over Disney. Not even by a long shot.
Since my departure I have been back several times and I am hoping to go back again this year with some of my old Disney friends for a reunion of sorts.
  The pictures I have up here are all ones I have taken myself, evidence of my love for photography, from my latest trip last Halloween. Clearly romance, and the Princesses and Princes, are my favorite part of Disney. But there is one other thing that comes in a very close second. DOes anyone remember the Disney cartoons of the 90's and early 00's? I do! I proudly admit to having a lot of them on DVD (yes I watch them by myself) and I hope to share them with my niece and nephews- and hopefully my own kids some day- when they are old enough. These shows- Gargoyles, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Little Mermaid and many others- are still a huge inspiration to me, especially with my writing!
  Well there you have it. A little bit about me and my Disney love (ahem obsession) and some of my personal favorite photos.

Laters my lovelies,
<3 always L.H.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet King Arthur

Her eyes, those sparkling emeralds, had been my only companion since the fae queen cast her spell on me. Her voice, her laugh mesmerized me. I wanted to draw her in close, to feel her lips on mine- her sweet taste is still on my mouth. Yet a memory- a ghost- is holding me back. ~Arthur

photo taken from Pinterest 

Yeah! It’s finally time to meet our King Arthur! If you have seen or read any of my other of my character sketches you already know my pension for taking the Arthurian legends and turning them upside down and inside out. I have chosen to tell King Arthur’s story my way- and make no mistake, this is as much his story as it is our heroine Aliana’s.

As you can tell from the quote above, Arthur is clearly enchanted but also torn about our heroine and this mystery girl- a ghost. Yes I will tell you right now there is a love triangle in my series
!!!! Oh no she said the dreaded words “love triangle”…… that’s right folks I did and I will say it again and again. I don’t care what people may say or think about it (‘the love triangles are over done’, ‘teens and readers don’t want to read another triangle’, ‘another YA love triangle- how done’…. You get the point)

And you heard me right….I don’t care! I love reading the triangles and no matter how many people smack down movies and books that feature the ‘so over’ love triangles, I am going to write the story that I want to read and tell you guys the story that my characters are telling me! And King Arthur and Sir Galahad have both declared that they will win our Aliana. ;-P
                 Though if Aliana heard them say that I'm sure she'd pull out a Princess Jasmine quote:
                                                      "I am not a prize to be won!"
Besides how anyone can possibly think that a King Arthur story shouldn't have a love triangle is beyond me. The triangle is a major part of the 12th century story- which, let’s face it, is the best known version of King Arthur. Now I am not resting on my laurels here and using the same old triangle… no no no…. I have changed it up to feature Arthur/Aliana/Galahad. Lancelot and Guinevere got their Happily for now (HFN), though it didn't last nearly as long as I’m sure they wanted it to.

However there is one thing I would like you to take to heart though all this rambling; that is the fact that while ‘Legendary’  is a love story, it is also so much more! It is a story about finding yourself- learning who you really are, dealing with the crap 'destiny and prophecy' throw at you, and learning to find your inner confidence to save the world. 

As always you can hit up my other pages and learn and see more about the characters and even me! You can find me at my webpage, Facebook, Tumblr and now InstagramI hope that you can find the time to read my first book when it releases in Feb 2014.

Till next time lovelies

<3 always L.H.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am officially addicted

So this fall had a bunch of great tv shows returning and premiering! I was thrilled for several of the premiers and mildly excited for others. Reign, on the CW, was one I was mildly excited for.

But boy was I blown away! Of all the new shows this season, I had suspected that this would be in the middle of the pile as far as shows I became addicted to; but after just one episode I was so hooked I went on to iTunes and bought the season pass! Since then I'm pretty sure that I have watched each episode sever a times while waiting impatiently for thursday nights so I can see the next episode.

I have heard the show begin blasted because it doesn't really follow history exactly, but common..... did anyone really expect it to? I didn't. I know that the CW has a platform that works for them and so I figured they would stick to it: beautiful girls, way HOTTT guys, amazing clothes and great music and of course a love triangle. It has a very big record of working for the CW's biggest shows so why mess with a good thing?

They have created characters that didn't exist in history (Bash- Francis's bastard half brother) and Nostradamus is young and very good looking; just to name a few. But the things that have me jonzing for the next episode it the quality of the writing and the stories that they are telling. I love the innocence of Mary, the feistiness of her ladies and the tasteful sexiness -said to be a toned down Tudors; which I am perfectly okay with!- and the amazing chemistry between Francis and Mary!

If you decide to give this show a chance I will say now don't expect it to be what history tells us. This is the CW's interpretation for teens and young adults chalk full of sexy goodness.

I was reading an interview featuring the cast of Reign and they said they never intended the show to be an accurate historical retelling. They went on to say that the show is going to be more than just a love triangle and renaissance drama, it is also going to be a ghost story and have elements of horror and occult. I personally like this and am very excited to see where this show will go. 

The CW admittingly took a big risk, and financial investment, to make this show and I personally hope it pays off in a big way! I appreciate when we can see that a network has committed to an investment and it SHOWS in each episode with everything from the music, costumes, filmography and effects used! 

If you are looking for a fun, exciting and sexy new YA/NA show I would highly recommend you checking out Reign on the CW thursday nights after The Vampire Diaries.

till next time
<3 L.H.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My first Steampunk book

I will be the first to admit that I may be a little....picky.... about what books I read, but I think everyone is to a certain point.
I personally love paranormal, romance, fairy tale retelling, fantasy and urban fantasy. But I am not adverse to reading other genre's, just cautious. I have found many contemporaries and mysteries and thrillers that I have liked..... They just have to catch my eye first.
To do that I like good blurbs and great covers that draw me to them,
You'll notice Steampunk was not one of the genre's I listed above, that's because I normally have a difficult time getting my head around the descriptions of the cool gadgets and steampunkie ideas as well as the Victorian language.
HOWEVER, at long last, I have found one that has grabbed and held on to me!

I want to say right now this is not, nor do I intend this to be, a "review" of this great book. It is my thoughts on it and a recommendation  but not a review like so many great bloggers and reviewers out there do! I just felt like I wanted to start sharing the books that I'm reading and why I like them with any one who visits my sites.

The first thing that grabbed me was the great cover but what sealed the deal for me was the blurb
**cover pic and blurb pulled from goodreads page**

Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you’re the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood. And when two society girls go missing, there’s no one more qualified to investigate.

Now fierce Evaline and logical Mina must resolve their rivalry, navigate the advances of not just one but three mysterious gentlemen, and solve murder with only one clue: a strange Egyptian scarab. The stakes are high. If Stoker and Holmes don’t unravel why the belles of London society are in such danger, they’ll become the next victims.

Amazing right? Pretty much any thing with Sherlock Holmes or Bram Stroker will be a sure fire way to catch my attention. This goes to the next level by not starring the great characters or their children, but the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock. Points for originality! 

I also appreciate that while there was a bit of romance in this story, it wasn't all about the romance. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for a great romance in my books, but it was nice to have a YA that wasn't all about it; there was just enough romantic tension to keep me going.

I would highly recommend this book for those who are just getting into steampunk, love a good mystery with a healthy dose of time travel and magic, and love Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stroker.

Later lovelies!
<3 L.H.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sir Galahad Returnith

Fury twisted through my gut. I loathed this magic keeping me from my king’s side and Lady Aliana. Watching her in that canyon- helpless to aid her- was torture. Again I am cut off, unable to protect her and see that my king- my friend is indeed safe. I failed to protect Arthur and now Lady Aliana. I swear I will not allow this again! ~Galahad

Forgotten Knight by =sinakasra on
For those who keep tabs on my facebook page, you will have seen my post earlier today about being torn about what to say about Galahad, since we get another look at him today with this character sketch. We have already established Galahad's physical look with the two actors I showed you all last time but I really like this picture from Deviantart called Forgotten Knight because I think it also shows a bit of his character's essence in Legendary
What we have also established is that he's a very loyal guy- with a stubborn streak that rivals superman- but there is more to him than that. Being able to deal with your good aspects is easy, but people who are able to deal with the bad bits of their personality are the truly strong ones.
To see just how much more there is to Galahad, and see how he deals with his trials and tribulations you will have to read Legendary after it is released early next year!
And for those dedicated fans go over to the Legendary website and check out the newest post; you might just find a nice little easter egg surprise!

later lovelies!
<3 always L.H.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daggerhorne returns

She’s going to get killed! The magic barring my path to her is too strong. I will never be able to penetrate it. Only four beings in Avalon have this much power. If any of them have set against us we are doomed. Curse this magic! She’s my charge I have to protect her! ~Daggerhorne
This is a photo of a jewelry box one of my Ladies of my round table gave me. I thought it a good picture to show because it is a perfect representation of Dagg and Aliana.

In honor of the AnimeUSA con we had at my hotel this past weekend I decided to post a drawn picture of Dagg for this character sketch. I also had a thought to do something slightly different today with this post. My website and Tumblr will have actual character sketch information, this blog is going to get something special, you guys are going to get a few paragraphs from Legendary when Aliana first meets Daggerhorne.
Are you excited? 'Cause I am! (hope my publisher doesn't kill me ;P) and please bare in mind this is an unedited clip.
And in...

The door on the other side was different, smaller and less damaged, but it also felt different. Wondering what kind of room would be in the middle of a pillar, Aliana picked up the ringed door handle, surprised when it turned for her. The door opened inward, a wave of hot air hit her smelling like a hot spring she had visited with her mother years ago.
Feeling safer than she ever thought she would in this place, she stuck her head inside. The room was small and round, lit by several old-fashioned lamps hanging from the walls. Aliana slipped into the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She slid the lock in place resting her suddenly heavy head against the rough wood. She closed her eyes, taking a breath as the last of the adrenaline in her system burnt off.
Growwwlll!  Aliana’s eyes shot open, shocked at the deep rumble coming from behind her.
 Please God, NO! Aliana slowly turned around, her numb fingers gripping the door tightly ready to flee from the room if she had to. Hanging down from the ceiling was an ornate cage of gold and bronze twisting bars with small glowing stones welded into random pieces of the metal. The cage was partially covered by a tattered piece of cloth that looked like a good wind would completely destroy it.
She didn’t know what was in said cage, but she was way too morbidly curious to not find out. Stiffly, she reached her hand out, grabbing a corner of the fabric and yanked it away from the cage.
 “Oh my stars!” she breathed, shocked but amazingly unafraid. Trapped in the cage was a real live DRAGON!
(c) L.H. Nicole 2013

And there you have it guys. The first paragraphs from Legendary when our heroine meets her guardian! I hope you all enjoyed this special peak and feel free to leave me your comments here or on any of my pages!
Later lovelies,
<3 always L.H. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meet Owen "Sir Owaine" Nyhart

Wade and I ate alone since Aliana was off on another of her ‘adventures’. Wade isn't the type of person I normally associate with. He’s brash, American, loud-mouthed, American and a comedian. In spite of that, I liked him, maybe because he and I are totally opposites or because he understands loyalty. I’m glad Aliana has him in her life. ~Owen

 – ©
Owen Nyhart is Aliana's cousin through her biological mother's side of the family. Owen never had much in his life, but what he did have was a sense of loyalty to those he called his. It's a quality his father instilled in him, and now that he finally has a family again, he will do anything in the world to keep them. Owen is also your typical Brit, having grown up in the city of London all his life, and has all the... 'charm'... of an Englishman.

Of the Knights of the Round Table. Owen is actually one of my favorites, not because he's the strongest or fastest, but because he is exactly the opposite. Don't get me wrong, he is a fighter, but he's the kind that would be more strategic and cunning as opposed to out right brute strength. A quality I can see coming in very handy for The Knights of the Round Table and Aliana.
As usual you can head on over to my website and also my Tumblr page to get a more in depth look at Owen.

Till next time lovelies,
~<3 always L.H.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things are always changing

As you can see my blog has undergone some cosmetic changes including new fonts, color schemes and even a few new tabs up top. 

The newest tab is 7 Realms of Legendary which gives all you great people your first look at the different realms that make up the Legendary Universe. Now we most likely will not get to see all of the realms in great detail throughout the series, but hey, you never know. Maybe you guys will love them so much and demand that I give you more. That said why don't you go ahead and click on the tab and read all about the seven realms; you can even click on the links at the bottom of the page to see my Pinterest boards dedicated to each individual realm!

And keep your eyes peeled, I'm working on another tab that's gonna be filled with all kinds of great goodies!
Till next time lovelies,
~ <3 always L.H.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest blog about Teenage friendships on Honestly YA

So I wanted to share the link to my guest blog on the wonderful page Honestly YA!

I am blogging about teenage friendships and how they influenced who we bacame as adults and how they effect my writing.

You will note several pictures up from both my high school years and college years, and as I point out in the post two of the girls pictured there are the inspirations for two of my characters in Legendary

The blonde girl is Lacey (Lacy in Legendary) and the dark haired girl next to me, by the street sign, is my oldest and dearest friend Beth (Dawn in Legendary, though we do not officaly meet her untill book 2 Claiming Excalibur)

Beth and I used to write stories together in high school, those stories -along with the fan fictions I used to write about my favorite cartoon shows- are what showed me, and inspired me to write now and helped give me the courage to share it with the world.

I hope you guys will take a second and stop over to read the article. Just follow the link below!
L.H. Nicole How teen friendships influence us

Till next time lovelies

Honestly YA: Ten authors, One love.: Welcome Wednesday: L.H. Nicole's How Teen Friendsh...

Follow this link and check out my guest blog on Honestly YA! My guest post is talking about teenage friendship and my story about my first ever "teenage love"
Check it out and let me know what you think!
<3 always L.H.
Honestly YA: Ten authors, One love.: Welcome Wednesday: L.H. Nicole's How Teen Friendsh...: For me, the friends I had and made in my teen years were a major part of defining who I am as a person today and the things I do and beli...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet our White Knight~ Galahad

The Destined One looks so young, innocent even. But the shadows in her mesmerizing eyes speak of pain, loss and fear. Fear of me, yet she still fought me with a courage I have not seen from many females. The moment I felt her soft touch, something inside me broke. All I want to do is possess this girl. It’s a need I cannot seem to fight, yet I know I must--my first duty is to my King. ~ Galahad

In most Arthurian stories Galahad is the son of Lancelot but that is NOT true in my version. In Legendary Galahad is the cousin of Lancelot by way of adoption. My Galahad is definitely not the one found in books, he is still brave, honest, and very loyal, but he is also quiet, and has been known to brood something fierce and he communicates better with actions than with words.

Of all the Knights of the Round Table Galahad was always the strongest, fastest and the best swordsman. Only Arthur and Gwaine (or Wade as he is called in Legendary)had the skill to best Galahad as often and Galahad bested them.

After swearing his oath to Queen Titania, Galahad found himself ambushed by a gargoyle then captured and imprisoned by the sidhe. Spending hundreds of years trapped by the sidhe’s magic changed Galahad in many ways. But then, as Lancelot explains, magic always has an effect on those whom it touches; it can reshape your entire being.

The things I love most about Galahad are his passion, his bravery and how deep his loyalty runs to those fortunate enough to earn it. Galahad was always Arthur’s most loyal knight, and still is, but after meeting Aliana, things changed and Galahad gives Aliana a very different kind of loyalty.

The loyalty of his heart.

But learning how to balance those two loyalties is no easy thing. And many, including some of his brother knights, don’t believe it is wise for him to give Aliana that loyalty so freely. But everyone has their darker side, even heroes, and Galahad has a particularly bad one. His deep loyalty also make him possessive and at times overprotective of those he cares about. He will do whatever necessary to take care of those who are his, but taken too far, that has the ability to shatter everything in a person’s life. Yet those feelings don’t come from nowhere, something has to happen to a person for them to develop such intensity; and that something is usually pretty terrible.

Okay, I’ve been debating about posting pictures of the two guys who first inspired Galahad’s look and after weeks of debating it, I’ve decided to go with it. Honestly these guys are just too darn HOTTTTT to not share them. So without further delay here are the two biggest influences on Galahad’s appearance.


Till next time lovelies!

Meet our White Knight Sir Galahad

The Destined One looks so young, innocent even. But the shadows in her mesmerizing eyes speak of pain, loss and fear. Fear of me, yet she still fought me with a courage I have not seen from many females. The moment I felt her soft touch, something inside me broke. All I want to do is possess this girl. It’s a need I cannot seem to fight, yet I know I must--my first duty is to my King. ~ Galahad

Many things change with each retelling or reinvention of Arthurian stories, but in most cases several things remain constant. One of those things being that Sir Galahad is the son of Lancelot and that he is pure, virtuous and gallant. That is the exact reason I decided to shake up the stories and change the legends to suit how I had always wished the stories had gone. 

My Sir Galahad is still virtuous, gallant, loyal to a fault and the bravest and strongest of King Arthur's knights. However my version of Arthur and the knights is based off the Roman-Brittish version of the characters and--lets face it--back in the 5th-6th centuries, guys were not pure, not by a long shot.

For my purposeless, Galahad is actually cousin to Lancelot, whom he grew up with, trained with, and became a Knight of the Round Table with. Galahad is the quiet and, at times, the brooding type, he keeps much to himself but he is always there for those he holds dear. There are very few things he would not do to help his friends and loved ones. But I said it earlier, my knights are not the ones of traditional legend; they are 6th century roman trained warriors who have seen battle and death--even though they are no older than a college kid. And, like every person on earth, they have darker sides; even the noble Galahad has his darker qualities. The question becomes how will he handle them in a modern world where the fate of 7 realms-and his heart-hang in the balance?

After debating for weeks I decided to share with you pictures of the 2 biggest PHYSICAL influences in creating my Galahad. Eoin- from BBC's Merlin was my first inspiration but Liam's stunning blue eyes are something I could get lost in- and look like what I imagine Galahad's would- so I just had to put him up as well. Usually I would put a link to my webpage so you can view the full character sketch of my characters, but after weeks of tinkering I finally figured out how to auto post to all my different sites so Galahad's full sketch should appear in a day or two.
Until then enjoy the eye candy! 
Till next time,
<3 always ~L.H.

        PHOTO SOURCE LINK                      (C) BBC TV- MERLIN

Friday, August 23, 2013

Announcing MAJOR News!!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that as of 10 AM today I am officially a signed author with Omnific publishing! I first submitted to them this past May and last month they offered me a contract for all four books of my new YA series ‘Legendary Saga’

My friends all think I’m not because I’ve been doing nothing but happy dances for the last two days But I can’t help it I’m just so excited!

Keep checking back in the coming weeks for more news and announcements and the official release date for the first book of the series legendary

So until I have more news to announce I’m leaving you with this fortune cookie saying below that I opened yesterday after I got the contract offer.

Till next time,
<3 always L.H.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Reader Party

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a bit absent but I have MAJOR NEWS coming this weekend and I've been doing a bunch of fun Author and reader things so I wanted to share real quick!

So yesterday I got to be apart of Author C.J. Ellisson's August reader party and it was a BLAST! So i'm deciding to post it here along with some of the great comments that came from everyone at the Facebook party. Also I'm giving more love to my 3 winners of my YA book giveaway from that party. SO with out further a due: 

Hi i'm L.H. Nicole -or Lisa as many of my friends know me- and I write YA/NA fantasy/paranormal books with heaps and heaps of "Teenage love". (check out my facebook page next week for my full description about that)

I currently have two projects going a YA fantasy paranormal set in Roma, Italy and another NA Fantasy Romance: 'Legendary'. It is a CONTINUATION of King Arthur's story and that of his Knights of the Round Table, set here in present day and filled with crazy adventure, pet dragons, 7 magical realms and a kick butt heroin who is more than anyone else knows, even her.

You can find my author page by my name above (I get so happy when new people like my page!) and of course links to the series website and my other platforms to learn more about 'Legendary' and it's amazing characters…..good and evil because really, what's the fun of a book without a really good bad guy ;P

My question to you all is: what is your favorite versions of King Arthur legend: book vs. tv vs. movie

Last thing to note is  the cover I am posting is not the final one. It is the one I created before I got my amazing news. I hope that the final cover will be similar to the one I have created here! Enjoy and please let me know what you think! I love to hear other's opinions.
Here are some of the comments that came from the post
Patricia Statham actually I love the tv series called Camelot I don't know if you got it in the states but we have it in Canada .

April Kirkland I love reading different versions of king Arthur's tale. I also love the tv series Merlin that showed Arthur rise from Prince to King with Merlin at his side. I love to read anything having to do with king Arthur!

Linda Helme It's got to be a book for me, loved Arthurian books, just recently read one from J R Rain & have another lined up where Arthur is actually a girl, love a twist 

Lisa LH Nicole Hood Then you'll love one of my biggest twists..... No love triangle between Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere. That gets saved for our heroin and her White Knight and Golden King

Nathanie S. Serrano I don't like the triangle either for some reason. It seemed unfair to me.

Sherita Eaton Landers Author L.H Nicole's friend here: so she knows what i'm about to say when I tell you guys Go with Team Galahad lol when you guys finally read Legendary when it is released 

Lisa LH Nicole Hood
 Sherita no biasing the possible new fans. 

Sherita Eaton Landers I would never do that lol just trying to let them know about how hot Galahad is and Arthur is not bad either

April Kirkland Haha @Sherita I will keep that in mind 
And the list of great comments goes on. but these were some of my faves.

And here's the announcements  of our winners!
Good morning everyone! First a few things before I announce my winners from yesterday's reader party. Major thanks to C.J. Ellisson for hosting a great party! I thought it was fun and ran really well! Also major thanks to all the readers and authors that came out, I personally had a blast and a lot of laughs at the great comments.

That's said now on to the part everyone has been waiting for, theannouncement of my three winners... drum roll please.......

1- April Kirkland
2- Linda Helme
3- Nathanie S. Serrano
Any there we have them! Congrats ladies please leave a comment in this thread with your choice of book then I will contact you to get your address to send out your prize and a bit of 'Legendary' swag!
Thanks again everyone! 

There you have it, stay tuned for more AMAZING news!

<3 always ~L.H. Nicole